The sockket soccer ball generates energy from the game

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We write about piezoelectric generators from time to time, like sneakers that can power your gadgets or kinetic energy harvesting sidewalks or wave-powered speakers that allow us to communicate with dolphins, all of which generate energy from movement. Another excellent example of this type of energy harvesting is the Sockket: a soccer ball that generates energy from play.

the Plug, made by Uncharted Play, is made from a durable, water-resistant material that never needs to be inflated. Inside, it contains a gyroscope mechanism that captures energy from all the rolling and bouncing that occurs during a football game and stores it in a battery. The Sockket has an output power of six watts which can then power small devices and appliances such as lamps, cell phones, fans, water sterilizers and hot plates.

With just 30 minutes of play, the Socket can provide three hours of lamp light.

© Uncharted Game

In developing countries, the Sockket is able to provide families with a power source for lighting and cooking in place of kerosene lamps and wood-burning stoves that cause indoor pollution and many health problems. for those who use them. And it gives kids an outlet for play that has the added benefit of bringing something beneficial to the family.

In the developed world, the Sockket can be a great tool for teaching clean energy and a better way to charge our gadgets.

The energy recovery ball has already won numerous innovation awards and has been praised by the Clinton Global Initiative and at TED talks. Uncharted Play is currently working on a new ball called Ludo that “tracks the time you spend playing with it and wirelessly uploads your game data to The Play Fund, Uncharted Play’s new online donation platform. With Ludo and The Play Fund, your playtime is converted into currency that can be used to donate real-world items to support social projects.

The Ludo is scheduled for launch in 2013.