Tampa Prep student seeks help to build soccer field in Tanzania

TAMPA, FL – A Tampa teenager has just days to raise the funds needed to build a soccer field in the impoverished village of Arusha, Tanzania.

Jordan Peloubet, a 17-year-old student at Tampa Prep, was born in Arusha and grew up playing football with a ball made of plastic pieces, bound tightly with tape and on pitches made of dirt and trash.

Like many in her village, her options were limited and hope for a good education did not stand much better. But then he met Drew and Susan Peloubet and their family who were Americans traveling through Tanzania and Arusha in particular.

After a few trips back to his village, the Peloubets got to know Jordan better and a strong bond was formed, eventually leading to his adoption in 2014. Jordan returned to Arusha where he visits family and plays with his friends.

Speaking with his father, Drew, he explained that he wished he could do something for the kids there who weren’t as lucky as him. After discussing the options and being convinced of his commitment, Jordan decided to build a football pitch for the children of Arusha.

Eventually, the father-son duo were introduced to love.futbol, ​​a non-profit organization that builds football pitches in developing countries, providing a safe place for children to play and a community gathering place. for families.

In December 2018, Jordan launched his campaign and he is now nearing the finish line. After selling wristbands, going door to door, talking to groups like Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, selling raffle tickets and looking for prizes, Jordan found a donor who challenged the community to a match of 15 $000. This means that for every dollar donated, the anonymous donor will match the contribution dollar for dollar. If the funds exceed the needs, Jordan will use the money to buy soccer balls or uniforms, maybe even a small locker room.

“I could never have imagined how generous our community in Tampa could be. I’ve learned so much and we’re so close. It may seem strange, but this land would mean everything to the kids there and I could feel happy knowing that I helped,” Jordan said.

So far, Jordan has raised $85,000 of the $115,000 needed. With matching funds, children in Arusha could be playing on a new football pitch by November.