Soccer, field hockey, cross country, volleyball and golf scores

Football Girls

John Stark 2, Soughegan 0

Key players: John stark – Arden Ulmer (2 goals), Emaly Roy (penalty saved)

Highlights: Mefford and Melody Couturier crosses generated chances and defensive midfielders Stafford McGinty and Hayleigh Dennis knocked out key Souhegan players.

Coach quote: “We were few in number at the start of the season and two more injuries really put us on the pitch today, but the girls were able to seize the opportunity. Goals put us in the lead, but the penalty save ensured our victory as we saw with our own eyes how a late goal can change the pace of a game. – Chris Pike from John Stark

Recordings: John stark 3-2; Soughegan 3-2

Hillsboro-Deering 4, Campbell 3, OT

Key players: HD – Abbie Johnson (3 goals), Eva LaValley (goal), Maddie Ledvina (assist on the winning goal)

Highlights: The Hillcats were leading 3-0 at halftime, Campbell scored three goals in the second half to force overtime, but Ledvina helped Johnson win the game to give HD the victory.

Coach quote: “It was a tough game, but my daughters managed to win. – Makayla Savoy from HD

Recordings: HD 5-1; Campbell 1-4

Bishop Brady 0, Laconia 0

Coach quote: “We are slowly but surely becoming a team. Defense is improving and we are working on attack. The girls are very motivated and I am very proud of them. Good group of athletes with good intentions pushing me to higher levels of football, even most of them don’t have much experience. – Bishop Brady’s Cevat Vural

Recordings: Bishop Brady 2-3-1; Laconia 3-1-1

Arc 4, Pelham 1

Key players: Bow – Kelly Harris (winning goal, assist), Bella LaPerle (goal), Madison Roberge (goal), Lexana Farr (goal), Lyndsey LaPerle (assist), Gabby Tarsa (assist), Sydney Roberge (middle), Cailyn Benson ( goalkeeper)

Highlights: The first goal was a combined play with Lyndsey LaPerle passing the ball to Bella LaPerle for a nice single shot after 14 minutes of the first half. A free kick was awarded outside the box 29 minutes later and Harris hit a fine shot over the keeper’s head and into the far corner. Roberge and Farr scored their goals three minutes apart in the second half. Tarsa played a nice square ball to Roberge to finish the keeper’s hands and Farr got his body on a well-placed Harris corner.

Coach quote: “We were a little rusty today, but the girls worked hard and managed to score a few goals in every half. Cailyn made some great saves in the first half. We made an adjustment to our formation early in the second half which really helped. The girls did a good job of adjusting and helping us control the ball better. Pelham are a good team playing with a very small squad. They are going to be tough in the next few years. A special thank you to the Pelham team and the administration for their nice gesture leading up to our game today, it was moving and appreciated. – Bow’s Jay Vogt

Recordings: Bow 5-0-0; Pelham 3-1-1

Hopkinton 4, Fall Mountain 0

Key players: Hopkinton – Loren Charron (2 goals, assist), Jessie Carney (goal, assist), Ashlee Brehio (goal), Annie Higginbotham (2 assists), Elise Miner (midfielder), Paige Martin (midfielder), Emily Fleegle (bleaching)

Highlights: Hopkinton scored two goals in the first half and two in the second half.

Coach quote: “It was nice to win like we did in terms of great combinations in front of goal and also possession throughout the game. It was a long ride, so I was proud of the way the girls got off the bus and energetically played from the start. I’m also happy with the depth of our team now that we’re at five games into the season. – Mike Zahn from Hopkinton

Recordings: Hopkinton 5-0-0; Fall Mtn. 2-3-1

Concord 2, Pinkerton 1, OT

Key players: Concorde – Emma Torija (6 saves), Whitney Vaillant (goal), Mary Martinson (goal), Chloe Morgan (assist)

Highlights: Pinkerton managed to find the back of the net with just three minutes left in the second half, but Morgan managed to find Vaillant for a tying goal with just under two minutes left in regulation. After a good battle for the first overtime with created chances, Martinson took one herself and passed a defender and bailed the goalie about 25 yards to end it.

Coach quote: “It was great to see our daughters fighting and not lowering their heads when we came down just at the end of the rule. It was a huge result for us to finish first and now we have a short memory and move on to Thursday. “- Andrew Mattarazzo of Concord

Recordings: Concorde 4-1-0; Pinkerton 3-2-1

Boys Football

Plymouth 3, Merrimack Valley 2, 2OT

Key players: MV – Lucas Godoi (2 goals), Gavin Wheeler (assist), Mikey Mullen (assist)

Highlights: Plymouth scored from a double-overtime penalty

Coach quote: “Plymouth wanted more tonight.” – Ken Fuller of the MV

Recordings: Plymouth 2-4-0; MV 3-2-1

Field hockey

Plymouth 2, Merrimack Valley 1

Key players: MV – Julianne Guertin (1 goal), Kaiya Mercier and Abby Forbes (controlled tempo in midfield), Alliya Eddy (aggressive defense)

Highlights: Plymouth opened the scoring four minutes into the first quarter. Pride tied at 5:19 in the third quarter after Grace Thompson crossed the ball into the circle. Mercier deflected the ball to the post when Guertin tapped it. MV held a corner advantage in the second half (9-4), but couldn’t find the net and the Bobcats scored with two minutes left in the game.

Coach quote: “We certainly didn’t get the start we wanted. We played a much stronger second half, made smart decisions and played with a sense of urgency. Unfortunately, we did not put the ball in the net. These close competitive games help us improve in all aspects of the game. ”- Jen Colgan of the MV

Recordings: Plymouth 3-2; MV 0-4

Lebanon 2, John Stark 0

Key players: John stark – Helen Connor (10 saves), Adie Bolduc (midfielder), Reagan Fischer (defense)

Highlights: Lebanon scored a corner kick in the first and added an insurance goal early in the third to win the game between the undefeated teams.

Coach quote: “Lebanon had the advantage in terms of agitation and got us the most out of the game. We have yet to face such a physical team this year and we will learn from the experience and be ready to play on Saturday. – Dennis Pelletier from John Stark

Recordings: Lebanon 4-0; John stark 3–1

Concord 2, Manchester Memorial 1

Key players: Concorde – Nadia Hanna (defense), Ally McGonigle (goal, assist), Jordan Cromwell (goal), Greta Norton (assist)

Recordings: Concorde 3-2-0 Memorial 0-5-1

Derryfield 1, Arc 0, OT

Key players: Bow – Anna Tsouros (14 saves), Rylee Constant (defense), Elena Roy (defense), Maia Kimball (midfielder), Jocelyn Webber (midfielder), Sarah Guerrette (attack)

Highlights: Bow played a tough game, forcing overtime, but allowed the game-winning goal with 2:33 left. It was a scoreless game forcing extra time. We lost the fight with 2:33 remaining on the clock.

Coach quote: “The whole team played hard and never gave up. It was a game that was played with the heart. – Cherie Snow from Bow

Recordings: Derryfield 2-3; Bow 2-2

Cross-country skiing for boys

Mascénic 33, Gilford 47, Kearsarge 64, Belmont 78

Key players: Kearsarge – Matt Berns (4th, 7:06 pm), Gavin Garzia (8th, 7:49 pm), Soeren Baughman (10th, 8:13 pm); Belmont – Baidyn Lewis (11th, 9:09 pm), Chris Pare (13th, 10:53 pm), Tanner McKim (14th, 11:01 pm); Gilford – Patrick Gandini (1st, 4:53 pm)

Highlights: The Cougars were third and the Raiders were fourth in a quad competition hosted by Belmont.

Cross-country skiing for girls

Gilford 41, Mascenic 43, Kearsarge 57, Belmont 83

Key players: Kearsarge – Molly Ellison (2nd, 10:30 pm), Amelia Lefebvre (4th, 11:41 pm), Katelyn Harvey (14th, 26:13); Belmont – Alyssa Edgren (9th, 25:09), Rebekah Edgren (15th, 27:01); Gilford – Catherine Stow (1st, 21:24)

Highlights: The Cougars were third and the Raiders were fourth in a four-team competition hosted by Belmont.


Coe-Brown 75, Plymouth 73, Laconia 41

Key players: Coe-Brown – Alex Myslinsky (21 points), Dante Ceppetelli (20 points), Hunter Demas (19 points), Jacob Pelletier (15 points)

Records: Coe-Brown 7-0

Arc 81, Bishop Brady 63

Key players: Bow – Cam Evans (40), Hunter Duncan (42), Owen Webber (42), Joey Place (44)

Coach quote: “Really proud of our kids and their determination. They played hard and came away with the win. – Matthew Davis of Bow

Recordings: Bow 9-0; Bishop Brady 2-3

Girls’ volleyball

Coe-Brown 3, St. Thomas 0

Key players: Coe-Brown – Annie Jerome (8 kills, 4 aces, 9 digs), Annika Gunderson (7 kills, 2 blocks), Kaitlyn Miller (3 aces, 3 digs, 17 assists), Haile Comeau (10 digs, handled the majority of services)

Strong points: The Bears outscored the Saints in straight sets which were all hotly contested, 25-21, 25-21, 25-23.

Coach quote: “Despite close games and a loss in the third set against a very strong defensive team, we kept our cool and kept beating one ball at a time. We took smart and aggressive risks and had great energy on the sidelines. – Renee Zobel of Coe-Brown

Recordings: Coe-Brown 4-0; Saint thomas 2-2