She breaks the soccer ball record

Areej Al Hammadi, a soccer player from the United Arab Emirates, has broken the Guinness World Record for ‘fast stepping’, completing 86 repetitions of the ball control trick in one minute.

The previous record? A single 56, set in March in the UK.

The video tweeted by the Guinness team shows Al Hammadi on July 27 in a parking lot in Dubai, with the needle of the Burj Khalifa visible in the background. After a few false starts, she finds her rhythm with the hotsteppers – a dribbling movement on the spot in which the ball continues to bounce with alternating kicks.

“I wanted to do something special,” she says Al Hammadi in the video. “I managed to break the record after a week of training but I wanted to raise the bar on this record title to keep it, at least for a while.”

UAE national football team midfielder Al Hammadi said she was not even aware of the training drill until she saw a video of the record-breaking performance in March.

A graduate of the American University of Dubai, she works as a graphic designer.

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