Seniors celebrate during Homecoming football game – The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle

Seniors gathered on the upper school campus for music, cheers, food trucks and ice cream during the Homecoming football game on Friday.

Head Boy Jonathan Cosgrove ’21 said the mix of food trucks, music, drums, cheering and being with friends created a great atmosphere that can’t be matched online.

“In the fall, we weren’t able to schedule many events due to the high numbers of COVID-19,” Cosgrove said. “However, now that health conditions are much better in LA County, we are trying to provide seniors with many of the fun experiences that we missed earlier this year. The reunion is still a Harvard-Westlake classic, so we thought it would be really enjoyable for everyone.

College Boys’ Soccer Team Wins Homecoming Game

The varsity boys football team won 7-0 against Chaminade High School at Ted Slavin Field. University men’s soccer player Jason Salmeron 22 said playing at the school in front of the seniors was very special because it gave the team an extra edge and a boost of confidence.

“While there were many moments that made Homecoming memorable, it was being able to honor and recognize seniors that made it such an unforgettable experience,” Salmeron said. “Not only was this the culmination of all of their hard work and contributions to Harvard-Westlake, but it was special to recognize their resilience over the past 16 months of hardship and adapting to changing circumstances. circumstances on and off the pitch. No one deserves this recognition more than them.

Students support athletes during the game

Although college football player Magnus Ferrell ’22 was unable to participate in the football game due to injury, he said he was still able to feel the spirit of the school as the team was supporting the senior football team.

“It was just a great day for the team to get a home win,” Ferrell said. “Seniors deserved to have such a great senior night after everything they had to go through in their pandemic year.”

Tatiana Washington ’21 said she enjoyed hanging out with friends in person during the Homecoming game.

“I thought it was good that we came together as a senior class to celebrate some athletes who haven’t been able to be enjoyed by fans all year,” Washington said. “I also felt really safe and grateful that everyone was wearing masks and everything was outdoors.”