Regional soccer, field hockey, golf and cross-country results from


Football Girls

Kearsarge 7,
Perspective Mtn. 1

Key players: Kearsarge – Lauren Busch (2 goals, assist), Caroline Camp (2 goals, assist), Thea Spanos (goal, 2 assists), Myla Welton (goal), Loriann Brown (goal), Isa Barron Graet (defense), Adara Boucher (goalkeeper)

Coach quote: “Great rebound game after Tuesday’s loss. The team brought in great energy and really stepped up their game. The communication and effort of each player helped set the tone from the start, until the final whistle. – Dave Smith from Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 2-0-1; Perspective Mtn. 1-0-2

Hopkinton 5,
Raymond 0

Key players: Hopkinton – Annie Higginbotham (2 goals, assist), Ashlee Brehio (goal, 3 assists), Loren Charron (goal), Madison Carmichael (goal), Kiley Ehrmanntraut (assist), Emily Fleegle (shutout, 7 saves), Alexis Lawler and Madeline Follansbee (defense), Sarah Chodosh (offense)

Highlights: The Hawks scored two goals in the first half and scored three more in the second half.

Coach quote: “The first 25 minutes of the game were very slow and it wasn’t good football, but the Lady Hawks looked a lot more like a dangerous team by the end of the first and second half. time. Unfortunately we had two injured starters today, but with the depth we have in the squad we can still be dangerous. Raymond is very well trained and put the pressure on us to handle the whole game. – Mike Zahn of Hopkinton

Recordings: Hopkinton 3-0; Raymond 1-1

Pembroke 5,
Brown Coe 1

Key players: Pembroke – Cierra Hill (3 assists), Britney Hill (goal), Jaylin Ladd (goal), Hannah Picott (goal), KT Armstrong (goal), Ryley Leblanc (goal), Grace Simmons (defense), Mackenzie Hawkins (defense), Tia Bocci (defense)

Highlights: The Bears kept the Spartans 1-0 at halftime, with Britney Hill’s 23rd-minute penalty being the only attempt to reach the back of the net, but Pembroke managed to break through a defense Coe Brown’s stingy 14 seconds into the second half of a strike from Cierra Hill to Picott. Cierra Hill then scored two more goals and Ladd netted a corner to give the Spartans a season opener.

Coach quote: “It’s always great to get that first win and the girls worked hard in the second half to convert the chances into points for us. Impressed with the work ethic and intensity the girls brought today. Ready for the next challenge! – Jess Kaufman-Desrochers from Pembroke

Recordings: Pembroke 1-0; Coe Brown 1-1

Merrimack Valley 6,
Royal wood 0

Key players: MV – Colby Magoon (2 goals, assist), Kristen Therrien (2 goals), Juliana Palhof (2 goals), Ariana Moody (assist)

Highlights: The Pride worked hard to own the ball in midfield, but Kingswood’s aggressive defense prevented any goals for most of the first half. MV broke through to score in the dying minutes and opened Kingswood’s third defensive end in the second half, scoring a goal one minute after the break. Four more goals for Merrimack Valley came from strong combinations on the wing and through the balls.

Coach quote: “After struggling to build our offense, it was nice to see a lot of players put the ball in the net. We fought fiercely against a physical defense. – Kylee Yam from the MV

Recordings: MV 1-0-1; Kingswood 0-2-0

Boys Football

Concorde 2,
Alvirne 0

Key players: Concorde – Alejo Caceres (goal), Jacque Tunguru (goal), Shamir Darjee, Ben Masur and Sujan Bhujel (middle), Nate Wachter (7 saves, shutout)

Highlights: Alejo Caceres scored from the top of the 18-yard box in the 17th minute, taking a pass from Bhujel to open the scoring. In the 23rd minute, Ajay Darjee worked the left side of the box, getting the baseline and sending a clean pass to Tunguru who hammered the serve to score the second goal. Nate Wachter recorded the shutout with 7 saves against a tough attack from Alvirne.

Coach quote: “Very satisfied with the way we played in the first half with the change of play from our central midfielders. We really established our style of play. The second half we had to defend longer to close the game. – Scott Dunlop of Concord

Recordings: Concorde 1-2; Alvirne 0-3

Hollis-Brookline 2,
Coe-Brown 1

Key players: Coe-Brown – Brady Kouchoukos (goal), Sam Lapiejko (midfielder)

Strong points: The Cavaliers scored two goals in the first half, but Kouchoukos recovered one in the second.

Coach quote: “In the second half we solved a lot of problems and put a lot of pressure on (Hollis). After recovering a goal we were unlucky with a few shots on the crossbar and we couldn’t do enough to get that equalizer before the time runs out. I’m very impressed, not only with our players’ ability to find another level in this second half, but also to keep their cool along the way. If they come out motivated, ready to work and support each other like that, we’re going to make every game exciting. “- Christian Gompert of Coe-Brown

Recordings: Hollis-Brookline 3-0; Coe-Brown 1-2

Hopkinton 6,
Belmont 1

Key players: Hopkinton – Quinn Whitehead (4 goals), Garrett Fitzgerald (3 assists), Owen O’Brien (goal, assist), Avery Condon (goal), Aidan Burns (3 saves); Belmont – Mitchell Berry (goal), Jacobb Bivens (7 saves, assist)

Coach quote: “The Hawks had a great win taking the lead early and then extending it after the break. Whitehead scored four goals for the forward, both thanks to strong runs in defense and a nice build up in midfield. Peyton Marshall continues his solid play at center back, just behind Hunter Boissy who also played well in midfield. – Scott Zipke of Hopkinton

Recordings: Hopkinton 3-0; Belmont 0-3

Field hockey

Kearsarge 2,
Conant 0

Key players: Kearsarge – Kate Cochran (goal), Carly Esposito (goal, assist), Marissa Montagna (assist)

Coach quote: “We came out slow and slow which allowed Conant to dominate the game for the first 15 minutes of the game. We woke up in the second quarter and played three good quarters of field hockey. – Chelsea Williams of Kearsarge

Recordings: Kearsarge 1-0; Conant 0-2

Cross-country skiing for girls

Hopkinton 1st,
Belmont 4th

Key players: Hopkinton – Hannah Bennett (3rd, 21:41), Anna O’Reilly (4th, 22:15), Cailey Stockwell (5th, 22:26), Clara Locke (6th, 22:28), Audrey Davies (Th, 23: 34), Ava Rothe (11th, 24h39), Gianna Covell0 (12th, 24h49); Bishop Brady – Katie Palmateer (2nd, 9:07 pm), Olivia Blanchard (16th, 24h56), Alyssa Lavalley (29th, 27:13); Belmont – Alyssa Edgren (20th, 25:46), Rebekah Edgren (26th, 26:48), Madison Liakas (30th, 27:19), Adeline Takantjas (31st, 27:21); Winnisquam – Lily Webster (49th, 31:30), Brianna Harlow (54th, 32:49)

Highlights: The Hawks placed seven top 12 runners of 65 runners to dominate the season opener Gilford Early Bird Invitational. Brady’s Katie Palmateer took second, 16 seconds behind winner Brianna Malone of Portsmouth Christian. Hopkinton scored 17 points, easily beating Plymouth (69), Gilford (84), Belmont (109), Prospect Mountain (113) and Newfound (125). Bishop Brady and Winnisquam were on several teams to compete, but didn’t have enough runners to score.

Coach quote: “A good start to the season for the girls. They executed their race plan very well and worked together in small groups throughout the race. – Rob Rothe of Hopkinton

Coe-Brown 15,
Pembroke 49

Key players: Coe-Brown – Sheldyn Fisher (1st), Amelia Edmonds (2nd), Natalie Sicard (3rd), Kassidy Taylor (4th), Carly Hardy (5th); Pembroke – Abigail Duchesne (7th)

Highlights: The Bears placed eight top-nine runners to decisively win their season opener on their home run

Cross-country skiing for boys

Hopkinton 4th,
Bishop Brady 6th,
Belmont 10th

Key players: Hopkinton – Ben Daniels (4th, 7:06 pm), Matt Clarner (6th, 7:36 pm), Liam O’Rourke (25th, 10:14 pm); Bishop Brady – John Horangic (21st, 9:49 pm), Brody Palmateer (35th, 11:42 pm), Robert Merola (37th, 24:03); Belmont – Baidyn Lewis (29th, 22:26), Chris Pare (40th, 24h11), Tanner McKim (48th, 24h40); Winnisquam – Joey Damato (26th, 22:16); Gilford – Patrick Gandini (1st, 5:04 pm)

Highlights: The Hawk boys were the top home team at the season opener Gilford Early Bird Invitational. Newfound (44 points), Gilford (75), Portsmouth Christian (99), Hopkinton (121) and Prospect Mountain (147) were the top five teams, with Brady (171) and Belmont (226) finishing sixth and eighth, out of 12, respectively. scoring teams. Winnisquam competed, but didn’t have enough runners to score. Gandini wowed the competition by finishing ahead of the finalist of 1:41.

Coach quote: “Although only five boys (Hopkinton) ran, they fought hard and placed two in the top six. – Rob Rothe of Hopkinton

Coe-Brown 15,
Pembroke 48

Key players: Coe-Brown – Lars Hogne (1st), Jamie Lanoe (2nd), Tyler Tkaczyk (3rd), Aidan Cox (4th), Gavin Demas (5th); Pembroke – Ben Dugas (6th)

Highlights: The Bears took nine of the top 10 spots to decisively win a season opener on their home run.


Arc 90, Campbell 52,
Laconia 31, Belmont 0

Key players: Bow – Hunter Duncan (37, 1 more), Owen Webber (39, 3 more), Cam Evans (42, 6 more), Amelia Soucy (44, 8 more)

Coach quote: “Incredibly impressed with our team today. We were in control and played smart golf. Our athletes felt they can be better so I can’t wait to see what they can do. – Bow’s Matt Davis

Recordings: Bow 3-0; Campbell 2-1; Laconia 1-2; Belmont 0-3

Coe Brown 71,
Perspective Mtn. 45, Gilford 15

Key players: Coe-Brown – Dante Cepatelli (20 points), Alex Myslinsky (19), Nick Miller (17), Jake Pelletier (15)

Recordings: Coe-Brown 2-0; Perspective Mtn. 1-1; Gilford 0-2