Personal mini loans in 10 minutes, easy and fast

Do you need fast money? Family or friends can no longer help you, it’s time to apply for mini loans online, you’ll have the money in 10 minutes.

To get the money you need you can try any of the 3 systems that are currently working:

  • You search on the Internet for the company you would like to use to get your personal loan, it may be rune that you have seen on television or heard on the radio.
  • You enter a comparator of credit companies, there are many and very good online. They expose all the information of each of the companies and you choose in which you request your money.
  • You use a loan request manager such as ours, fill out a form with your basic personal and financial data and we take care of looking for you the entity that is willing to grant you financing.

Why are online loans easy to get?

Why are online loans easy to get?

Online personal loans are a very simple product to obtain, it is intended for customers who need small amounts of money at specific times, and who will return it in a short time.

You save all the paperwork and time you need to get a loan in the traditional way through banks.

The application process is completely online, with no calls or questions so that you will need the money.

The requirements are very simple:

  • Have valid ID or NIE.
  • Be Spanish or resident in Spain.
  • Have a solvent and functioning bank account.
  • Email and mobile phone.
  • Be of age.

The documentation to request these credits online is also minimal:

  • Photocopy of the DNI or NIE, to prove your identity.
  • Bank receipt proving that you are the owner of the account you provide.
  • Some document proving that you receive stable income.

How much money can I request on credit?

How much money can I request on credit?

Normally in these non-financial entities online you can request from 50 to 60,000 euros.

Depending on the amount and time you plan to return it, the requirements and documentation vary.

It also depends on the amount of the credit if you will have to pay it back in a single installment or several monthly installments.

From Pancormoney we can help you when you need a loan of 1000 euros or personal loans of 30,000 euros.