Payroll Loan Simulator for Borrowing

Credit simulator – The payroll loan was created in 2005 and from then on the modality has only evolved and entered the family of many Brazilians in the form of personal loans and cheap interest money. Although cheap interest is 15% per year. Need money everyone needs, some more less, and when the need gets bigger, payday loan, which is a type of loan directly discounted on payroll can be an excellent solution.

Payroll loans are accessed mainly by salaried employees, retirees and pensioners of the INSS, the option has lower interest rates than other bank credit alternatives. Today you can hire payroll from 1.5% per month on borrowed money.

In the online platforms of credit services, there are always doubts related to some type of operation, and the paycheck is no different. Knowing the amount that can be hired is exactly one of the facilities that the “Loan Portal” offers in its articles and specific pages like: the best online loan companies and factored credit rates and interest.

So we have credit simulators for both payroll and personal loan, they help you know more or less the cost of each type of loan. On the web several websites and fintechs online have their simulators, some offered only to clients, others have to do the registration and, also has free online credit simulator to use.

For employees, beneficiaries and servants

For employees, beneficiaries and servants

It has been a while since retirees, pensioners, civil servants, and civil servants were able to take payroll-deductible loans, not currently, workers with a formal contract in which the company has an agreement with a credit institution or a bank can already apply for payroll without problems. Also, it is possible for anyone to do the FGTS, but that is another story.

Uncollected debts

Uncollected debts

The limit for each person to be indebted with payroll is up to 35% of income or net salary, eg if the citizen earns $ 2,000 net, the monthly discount can not be higher than $ 750. Of this total for consignment, 30 % are used for debts with loans and 5% percent for payments and loans with paycheck card.

Calculator and simulate consignment

This calculator and credit simulator below is free for anyone accessing the site, with it you can, for example, find out how much you would pay from monthly installment to a loan of $ 5,000 with 2.05% interest in 60 installments. How to make:

  1. Leave field “Parcel value and Total value” blank.
  2. Fill in the requested amount you want (ex: R $ 5,000)
  3. Enter the number of months and the monthly interest rate (for example, 2.05% per month)
  4. Click on “CALCULATE”, the simulator will inform the result of the monthly installments.

In this case, the value is R $ 145.59.

Online Personal Loan Simulator

Total Requested (Amount in R $)

Months Interest Rate (per month) Plot Value Amount

The Central Bank of Brazil maintains several pages to inform about the monthly and annual interest rates of each bank and financial in operation in the country, in the page you can find tables with the average interest charged by the banks, access this link for all types of credit: No consigned, rates are categorized by contractor profile, choose mode:

• INSS (for retirees and pensioners of INSS)
• Private (for workers with a formal contract)
• Public (for public servants)

It is worth mentioning that interest rates are applied depending on the profile, deadlines, type of operation and the relationship of the customer with the lender, in some modalities and evaluated the risk that it represents when contracting a loan.

One more important detail, the interest reported does not mean that the calculation will be on it, the value of a simulation, in general, is not inserted the extra costs with the collection of IOF and other fees, such as the rate of opening credit. Always ask for the calculation of CET (Total Cost Effective) to know all the costs that were included in the portion of your first or new loan.

Payday loan questions

Who is entitled to the Consigned Loan?
Some of the INSS retirees and pensioners, civil servants and military may take payroll deductible loans and, currently, workers with a formal contract that the company where they work has an agreement with some credit institution or bank and that have available assignable margin. Here are benefits that can make consigned What is marketable margin? Margin assignable is what defines the employer or paying agency as is the limit for discounts of amounts relating to the payment of payroll loans granted by banking and financial institutions. How to check the available assignable margin? It is provided by your employer, private or public. If there is no margin available on the paycheck, check with the people or HR sector of your company in the case of private employees.

Paycheck credit x Check and Card

Paycheck credit x Check and Card

According to a survey by Anefac (National Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives) shows that in October the average interest rate charged on the overdraft was 12.18% per month, credit for card use was 12, 84% per month and that of the payroll loan was well below: 2.19% per month. The personal loan has slightly higher interest rates: 5.3% per month.

This exorbitant difference between the modalities occurs because in the personal credit consigned the creditor institution has the guarantee of the payment through the discount made directly from the payroll of the contractor of the loan.

Compare interest rates

Compare interest rates

Payroll loans

2.19% per month


12.18 % per month

Credit card

12.84% per month

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantage : for those who take a loan on consignment, according to this precisely in the amount that can be requested and the low interest rate. The contractor also has the advantage of being able to hire consigned even negative with dirty name and due in banks.

Disadvantage : It will be deducted from the salary, salary, income or benefit up to 30%, this means that every month for the period of the contract that is awarded in 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and 96 without such amount, eg: for those who earn R $ 1,000, will only receive R $ 650 per month until the end of

Consigned for unemployed?

Payday loan questions

Well, I used the payroll loan simulator to borrow , I hired a bank in 60 months, I got the money, I spent it, and after 18 months I was unemployed – now what?

In the payroll for beneficiaries that will not happen, but payroll for employees in the event of unemployment, the lender (bank or financial) can use up to 35% of severance pay to perform discharge of the loan. If the balance of the debt remains, the bank may charge for a current account or bank slip until the remaining debt ends.

Use and abuse our online credit calculator!