Parents of injured Olentangy Orange football player ‘overwhelmed’ by community support

Jill and Bryan Medley are the parents of 15-year-old Olentangy Orange sophomore Marshall Medley. The last four days were spent in their son’s hospital room

COLUMBUS, Ohio – So many people saw a photo on Monday showing football players from Olentangy High School outside the Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

They were standing. Arms raised. Signs in hand. Looking up.

Ten stories above them from a hospital room window was the reason they were there.

“It was really cool,” Jill Medley said.

“It was probably, honestly, the first time he smiled since he’s been here,” said Bryan Medley.

Jill and Bryan Medley are the parents of 15-year-old Olentangy Orange sophomore Marshall Medley. The last four days have been spent in their son’s hospital room.

“It’s like one of those things that you think isn’t real,” Jill said. “I still haven’t accepted that this really happened.”

It happened on Saturday during a JV football game against Beavercreek.

“Is there anything you can say about what happened,” asked 10TV reporter Bryant Somerville.

“No comment on how it turned out,” Bryan said.

“I think we can tell what was posted and everyone read it was a gross foul after the whistle,” Jill said.

It caused a C-5 fracture to Marshall’s neck and a spinal cord injury. Four days later, Marshall can walk but has problems with his arms and hands with limited mobility and is hyper sensitive to touch.

“We were told that 90% of people with this injury would not be standing yet, if at all,” Jill said. “He’s lucky. Very, very lucky.

After the injury, Marshall and his family say they were overwhelmed with love and wishes, from a hand-painted rock outside Orange High School to cards, gifts and tweets. Marshall heard from the Columbus Crew and received a signed jersey from the Ohio Wesleyan football team, according to Bryan.

During Tuesday night’s Orange soccer game, there was seven seconds of applause, which was a nod to Marshall’s number. Marshall also watched the live broadcast of this match online. The team also had shirts made and signed a soccer ball which is now in Marshall’s hospital room.

“I think this is a good testament to him and his friends and how good a friend he has been to others at this point in his young life,” Jill said. “They’ve really come over to him and he’s a good bunch of kids.”

Marshall’s parents say he is considering months of occupational therapy and physiotherapy and rehabilitation to regain full function in his arms.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association told 10TV the following:

“We do not yet have a report from the senior official regarding this incident, which means either he / she did not see the incident and therefore there was no penalty, or maybe a penalty (red card) has been issued and the official just hasn’t released a report yet.

A spokesperson for Olentangy said they would not comment on the incident. Phone calls and messages to the Beavercreek School District were not returned.

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