Oklahoma referee gun incident at football game ends in arrest

Wild scenes took place during an adult league soccer game in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma on Sunday when the referee pulled out a gun and fired at a player and a crowd of people. The Oklahoma referee’s name is Davi Bathez and he was arrested after the incident.

Police say an argument took place after Bathez issued a red card to one of the players. A small scuffle ensued over the red card which resulted in the referee grabbing a gun from his car and firing a single shot at the player and the crowd.

Oklahoma news station KFOR obtained video of the incident. We’re just going to ignore the fact that the news station called it a “red flag” instead of a red card.

Police said it was a miracle that no one was hurt in the altercation.

After firing his gun, Bathez got into his car and drove off. Police quickly arrested the Oklahoma referee to arrest him and obtained a .380 caliber pistol.

As someone who has lived in Oklahoma for three years, I cannot say that this story is too surprising.

I would like to say that I promise Oklahoma is not a crazed Grand Theft Auto server. The state is full of very nice people and has a lot to offer. So how about not slandering the great state of Oklahoma too much, eh?