Nendo designs non-deflatable flat football for developing countries

Soccer, or soccer, is a popular pastime for children around the world, especially in developing countries. A plot of land, the ball and improvised goal posts are the only infrastructure needed. If the balloon deflates, however, an air pump is needed; if the bullet is punctured, it is worthless.

To solve this problem, Nendo designed a soccer ball that does not rely on air pressure to maintain its shape, does not require inflation, and therefore cannot be deflated.

Instead, their design is made up of three different types of nested components, 54 parts in total. Structural bands and inserts are recycled polypropylene, and the pentagonal outer panels are softer EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) for cushioning.

The product is shipped flat, which means more units can fit in a shipping box compared to a conventional bale.

The end user must assemble the ball by referring to an Ikea-like language-free instruction manual.

Once assembled, the ball is soft enough for bare feet and is “unlikely, even if broken, to develop a severely fractured surface that could cause injury,” writes Nendo.

They believe the bullet is also durable enough to withstand a pounding – and in the event that a section of the bullet is damaged, it can be replaced (assuming there is a spare parts ordering / infrastructure process). ).

The product is called My Football Kit and was designed for Molten.

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