Mental health awareness of UNC football matches ::


– After an emotionally turbulent time for the UNC campus community where several students committed suicide, the women’s football team took on a bigger goal on Thursday night.

“It’s more than just a game.” That was the message Thursday night during the UNC women’s football game against Florida State.

The team took a stand for mental health awareness and treatment.

Many have come to take root in the Tar Heels in the field. After entering the stadium, fans quickly realized that it just wasn’t a football game.

“I think we all struggle with things every day and it’s just great standing up for things other than physical health,” said Morgan Guest, a UNC student. “Mental health is just as important.”

They posted 40 messages of hope and encouragement on green posters that represent mental health. They filled yellow air balloons and tied them to the fence to let those struggling know someone cares.

“It means a lot to me that the football team is doing all of this,” said Alka Manoj. “There are posters everywhere and writing on the floor. It means a lot, especially given recent events.

The players blocked seats on the bench to represent UNC students who recently committed suicide.

“I think it’s important to spread love to everyone and let them know that everything will be fine and to spread the love and make sure everyone around you is okay,” said Manoj.

UNC offers several groups and services for students with mental health issues, including Psychological counseling and services, Student well-being and UNC Accessibility Resource and Service.

The teams played tied 2-2.