International soccer ball sculpture arrives at Buss Field – The Globe

WORTHINGTON — Like a series of one-touch passes, the city’s newest piece of public art was an exercise in teamwork and precision.

A new soccer ball sculpture, decorated with the flags of a wide variety of countries, will be placed at Buss Field later this year.

Led by the Worthington Public Arts Commission (WPAC), the creative project began with just a recycled LPG tank, donated to the commission by Keith Maxwell of Cenex.

Les Houselog, who usually make their own fireplaces out of gas canisters, agreed to try their hand at making a hollow soccer ball sculpture this time around.

It was a success. Following the lead of WPAC President Gail Holinka, Houselog used a plasma cutter to cut out the ball’s iconic hexagons and pentagons, as well as a cut-out depiction of two children playing with a soccer ball.

After a prime from Kevin Schreier, the ball still needed paint, so Holinka and teammate Bobbie Alsgaard-Lien loaded the sculpture into the Artmobile and took it to a Buss Field event on July 22. Locals started painting the flags of various countries. on the sections of the balloon, and it was soon lined with flags of countries from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

“We’re really happy with how it went,” Holinka said. “And people came to the event and took selfies all day…they loved it.”

Later, Hugo and Alva Monterroso worked all night to put the finishing touches on the sculpture.
“We did it in a week, so it’s pretty amazing how the community has rallied together to make this happen,” Holinka said.

Once the public works department has time, they will place the sculpture at Buss Field near the parking lot. The sculpture was painted with oil paint, so Holinka expects it to last a while.

“It’s a beautiful piece that we think really suits this space,” Holinka said.