How to Score a Goal with the Soccer Ball as Neymar Jr

One of the Fortnite Season 6 Neymar Jr. challenges requires players to score a goal as a famous soccer star. They must use an emote to do this.

One of Neymar Jr.’s challenges in Fortnite Season 6 asks players to score a goal while dressed as the famous Brazilian footballer. Once players manage to unlock the Neymar Jr. skin in Fortnite, they will have the opportunity to unlock nearly a dozen additional cosmetics and style variants by completing other Neymar Jr. challenges. For some of these challenges, they will need to have the Neymar Jr. skin equipped. When they score a goal, they will need to wear the Neymar Jr. outfit, especially since it will require a special emote to unlock.

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Players will need to have unlocked the Soccer Ball Emote Toy and the Neymar Jr. skin before they can complete this quest. Although they can find a soccer ball on the Fortnite map, kicking this one won’t count. Completing this challenge unlocks the pickaxe that goes with the Neymar Jr. skin. Here’s how to score a goal disguised as Neymar Jr. and unlock the Jaguar Strike pickaxe in Fortnite Season 6.

How to unlock the Jaguar Strike pickaxe in Fortnite

Fortnite football field

To score a goal as Neymar Jr. and unlock the Jaguar Strike pickaxe in Fortnite Season 6, players will need to visit the soccer field, located in Pleasant Park. Players will find the field in the middle of the southern half of the POI. Although there is a soccer ball there, it will not work for the challenge.

Before unlocking the Neymar Jr. skin, players will have unlocked the soccer ball emote toy. They’ll need to have this emote handy, as it gives them the soccer ball they need to easily complete the challenge.

As Neymar Jr., players can get close to any of the field goals and then use the emote to send the ball into the net. As long as the ball hits the goal, the challenge will be saved as complete and players will win the Jaguar Strike Pickaxe.

Player drops soccer ball in Fortnite

This challenge is not difficult, but it can be dangerous given the popularity of this Fortnite skin. It is likely that many players will come together for this challenge which can make the area dangerous. Players can choose to complete this challenge in Team Rumble mode, which allows them to respawn upon elimination and try again, but chances are the field will still be crowded even here. Players will want to be sure to grab a weapon and healing items to protect themselves while they go to shoot.

It may also be possible to complete the other Neymar Jr. challenge that requires the soccer ball emote toy in the same match. For this challenge, players will need to use the emote again, this time on high ground like a mountain or an arrow. There are many other Neymar Jr. cosmetics that players can unlock by completing challenges, including the weekly game. Fortnite Epic Quests for Season 6.

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