Grace Bamber of Chesterton named Times 2021 Women’s Football Player of the Year | NWI Preps Girls Football

Bamber worked hard to see the whole pitch when she’s on the pitch and let the game come to her.

“I worked a lot to keep my head on a pivot and have a really good view of the pitch, and that improved my game so much,” she said. “It makes a huge difference. It really does, seeing the whole pitch, seeing when the defenders are on my back or when my teammates are open. It really helps.

“It’s instinctive. It’s really natural, and it helps a lot too. You don’t have to think about it, it comes naturally.

Forgey said Bamber’s No.1 strength is her competitiveness, and she combines that with her drive, technique and confidence to be that all-around player.

“She has the ability to score in different ways,” he said. “She has a very high ceiling in the sense that there are a lot of things that she will improve on. … She had a great season, but we didn’t go as far as we wanted. With what motivates her like competitiveness, she has a chip on her shoulder and she will improve in a lot of areas. And if she was dominant this year, be careful next year for even more.

Bamber attributes the success to her teammates, especially the seniors.

“We were really upset to lose in the sectional, but it was a really special season,” she said. “Especially because it was my last season playing with Kaitlyn (Kogl) and Carley (Balas), who I grew up playing with. It meant a lot to me. The senior class was really, really fun this season, and We will miss them a lot, so it was really special … it’s always the relationships that make it really special.