Football player shocks viewers by showing off his trash during game

Geisson Perea makes a revealing play by standing next to his unconscious teammate.

Between non-stop action and incredible athletes, football is one of our favorite sports to watch. But once in a while, the occasional slip or rough play makes the game even more breathtaking.

In a recent professional soccer game, Geisson Perea, a defender for Colombian professional soccer team Independiente Santa Fe, stood alongside his teammates as an opponent prepared to take a penalty kick.

Perea then surprised viewers (and possibly a few players on the court) by lowering his belt and briefly revealing his penis. He definitely surprised viewers at home as his bric-a-brac was simulcast on Colombian live television.

It’s unclear whether Perea flashed his bits in order to distract the penalty kicker. If he did, it certainly worked since his opponent didn’t score the goal. However, rival Colombian side Jaguares de Córdoba ended up beating Independiente 2-1.

Perea was (ahem) unpenalized during the match, and he later said his self-exposure on TV was unintentional.

“I was fixing my Lycra,” the 31-year-old later explained to Colombian television Win Sports. “I only tried to accommodate my Lycra, my intention was not to show my private parts… When I enter [the field]I go in to play and not be aware that a camera can see me.

Nonetheless, the move angered some viewers who called for him to be punished or dropped from the team entirely, TMZ Sports reported. There were no reports that he was disciplined for this, but he may gained some new fans.

A screenshot of the momentary flash has gone viral on social media. If you are interested, you can see here, but set your expectations low. A similar incident happened with a British soccer player in 2018. But if watching the ball is really your game, there are far better arenas to watch it.