ESPN Error When Broadcasting IMG Academy-Bishop Sycamore High School Football Game

Instead of beating the bushes, we’re calling it a national high school football “showcase” that aired Sunday afternoon and explaining what the IMG Academy in Bradenton and Bishop Sycamore (Columbus, Ohio) was. Final score.

ESPN was certainly like a sheep broadcasting a real-time blunder.

“Bishop Sycamore told us that their team has a lot of Division I prospects. Frankly, many could not be confirmed. -0 in the lead. They are in our database. Has not been posted. It was not displayed in the database of other recruiting services.

“From what we saw, it was not a fair fight.”

Color analyst Tom Luzinville, in a response on Twitter, called the minutes a “complete scam” and went even further after the broadcast.

So the IMG hit the opponent on all previous football pitches to see him. Large hoop; it’s basically another weekend outing for ascenders.

For example, last season future Power 5 football star IMG Academy, which is frequented regularly by new recruits from America’s top flight, won 8-0 and won the game with an aggregate score of 381. -82.

This is not the subject here.

The truly shameful crime here is that the enemy receives the platform of the state.

Bishop Sycamore scored 227-42 0-6 in 2020, but said: “Young talent and several players on either side of the ball, offering multiple Divisions I including QB Trilian Harris. It has been called a “new agenda to be done”. ESPN’s “OL Justin Daniel” press release issued a month ago.

In a telephone interview with Ganet Florida Sports Network on Monday, Centurions head coach Roy Johnson re-enrolled more than six athletes with college offers. Wide receiver Chamor Price, wide receiver Josh Lorick, running back / safety Jordell Smith and more.

According to rivals and 247Sports, all of these players were originally in the 2021 class except for Naborne (not listed). Since then, they have been “reclassified,” Johnson said.

“Some children may be reclassified depending on their school situation and scenario,” Johnson added. “It’s the same as St. Thomas More and all the other schools we play in the preseason league.

“The rules vary from place to place, so some people have offers for the 5th year program. There are actually graduate students on our team, but they don’t play. They are under 19 and don’t go to school, but they don’t go to school. ”

Of the 53 players Johnson considered to be part of the Sycamore Bishop program, he estimated that “two or three” were under the age of 18.

Following an email request asking how Centurions was chosen, ESPN released the following statement:

“I’m sorry this happened and spoke to Paragon. Paragon secures the game and manages most of the high school events calendar. They want to prevent this kind of situation from happening again in the future. We guarantee to take these steps. ”

Based in suburban Chicago, Paragon Marketing Group is responsible for organizing football, basketball and baseball events for Marquee High School on ESPN. In a phone interview, Paragon chairman Rashid Ghazi said it was the first time in his career and that he had lasted over 700 games for more than 20 years, calling for a shift.

But how did Paragon know this was the result?

Perhaps a five minute Google search on Bishop Sycamore helped.

First off, IMG Academy defeated Bishop Sycamore 55-6 in Bradenton on October 16, 2020. From a purely competitive standpoint, it was already painfully clear that the two teams were not on the same pitch.

Gazi knew of the results, but Centurion submitted an improved list of the country’s great powers, including Archbishop Hoban (Akron, Ohio), Duncanville (Texas) and Demasa (Hyatsville, Maryland). I was confident that the situation would be different this time because I had planned. ) And the Saint-François Academy (Baltimore).

“We thought the talent levels of these kids and where they were hired was higher than they actually were, which led to a contradiction,” Ghazi said. “Our idea is that if they face all these really good teams… then they have to have a legitimate schedule and roster to be able to compete.

“What made us fall as Paragon was probably we had to check the roster to make sure it was more competitive than we thought.”

As far as Bishop Sycamore is concerned, this perception of deception is not new.

In 2019, Mainland High at Daytona Beach partnered with Bishop Sycamore for the Freedom Bowl, a 12-team event that hosted Labor Day weekend at Milton High in Alpharetta, Georgia. Mainland had competed in the Freedom Bowl before, trusting the organizers of the event and finding suitable and established opponents through invitations.

A week before Bacchus left for Georgia, head coach Scott Wilson received a letter from a Freedom Bowl official saying the game was over.

Following:Trip to mainland Georgia to be cut short after opponent Bishop Sycamore drops the ball

Dylan Roy, chief operating officer for Freedom Bowl, said Bishop Sycamore staff could not provide a complete list before the August 10 deadline and within 30 days of signing the contract, hotel accommodation . He said he hadn’t made a reservation.

“Honestly, it unearthed old feelings that I had, and those feelings were mostly for the kids,” said Wilson, who found it hard to believe the situation on Sunday. paddy field. It will be a keepsake created for those people and programs, usually members of groups, sports coaches that will last a lifetime.

“The whole family was very excited to go, and I was hurt because it was stolen from them.”

Gazi said he was unaware of Bishop Sycamore’s Freedom Bowl no-show. I also had no idea Centurions played two days ago, losing to Sto-Rox 19-7 in Turtle Creek, Pa., According to an article posted by Awful Announcing on Sunday night.

“Some players (players) had a bit of overlap, but it’s the same as playing a quarter or two on Friday in sophomore and playing a JV the next day,” Johnson said.

Awful Annoncing claims this is not the case and has posted screenshots of the ESPN broadcast and the Sto-Rox contest YouTube feed in the field with the same uniform number.

Johnson lost 30 in the first half on Sunday and declined when given the opportunity to finish the first half with a stopwatch.

“Today the health and safety of our players was at stake,” Schlov wrote on Twitter after the match was over. “It was unpleasant for the viewer.”

Bishop Sycamore is shrouded in mystery.

According to an article written by Massillon Independent last year, online charter schools have their own website – It’s basically a shell. Staff are not listed and the “Company Profile” section is empty. There is no mention of education.

Johnson was at the center of a 2018 startup controversy, akin to the public face of a Christian at Faith Academy, now deceased. This Week Community News, an affiliate of Columbus Dispatch, said in an eight-month series of articles that COF Academy has a school building, convenient website, identifiable academic structure, published domain, or published list. I explained in detail that there is none. That first football game.

Following:Roy Johnson says first perception of COF Academy was not real

The school was turned down by its financial support agency, African Methodist Episcopal Church District 3, and the Ohio High School Movement Association and the Ohio Department of Education.

Bishop Sycamore is also not a member of the OHSAA. Instead, it belongs to the Texas Christian Athletic League.

From an educational perspective, Bishop Sycamore has partnered with ACCEL Educational Services to provide students aged 5-22 with the right academic, behavioral, therapeutic and professional skills to maximize their skills and increase their independence. Claims to offer a program. Registration is expected to begin on Wednesday, he added.

“The biggest difference between COF and Bishop Sycamore is the amount of support,” Johnson said. “There are a lot of kids on this team, and all the fathers and uncles are on the staff. It adds legitimacy to it.

There is a clear difference between getting exposure and getting exposure. This should be the last case.

Hopefully Bishop Sycamore enjoyed this 48 minute TV celebrity. This may be the last time he’s been in the limelight for a long time.

“They really need to increase their stake when it comes to winning and roster stability, and they need to prove themselves at a higher level against a decent level of competition before they put them back. Probably,” Gazi said.

ESPN Error When Broadcasting IMG Academy-Bishop Sycamore High School Football Game