EDN SOCCER PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Newton’s Reich ends season with most goals in the state | local sports

Carder Reich has had a pretty impressive junior season.

The Newton standout led his team to an 18-4 record and one shy of a regional championship. The Eagles lost to Hillsboro, 1-0.

However, what really sets Reich apart from everyone else is his scoring ability.

Reich finished with 57 goals – the most in the entire state and sixth in the country, according to MaxPreps – making him the 2021 Effingham Daily News Football Player of the Year.

“Very special in so many ways,” said head coach Matt Creadore of Reich. “He’s a great lad and the best all-round goalscorer we’ve ever had. He stands out from everyone in that he’s a lot more dynamic in his movements. He’s a lot more dynamic off the ball. is something that makes it unique that we have missed in the past.”

Reich sat down with Effingham Daily News sports editor Alex Wallner for an interview about his overall season and his goals for his senior campaign on the pitch as well.

Here’s how he answered those questions.

Q: What makes you a dynamic goalscorer?

A: “At the end of my junior year, I had Ross Farley to play with the top. I learned a lot from him, and Matt and Chad taught me a few ways to find ways to get the ball and find ways to score and just execute.”

Q: You broke the single season record for goals this year; how happy were you doing that?

A: It was a great accomplishment. Always something good to do. It was fun and I was pretty excited. That was the main goal this year.”

Q: What do you hope to accomplish in your final year?

A: “It was a tough loss after the last game of the season. We had a senior so most of our guys are coming back. We have a bunch of young talent coming in. Obviously we’re trying to win regionals and continue further than that.”

Q: Playing in college with Coach Farley, how did that help you?

A: “Matt and Chad have a lot of similar styles of play. So Chad teaching that in middle school really prepares the other guys and me for high school and just the next level of competitiveness; really translates to high school.”

Q: Playing baseball, how does that help you too?

A: “Baseball is my first love; I’ve always had my heart in this game. Just working on my footwork, hitting, running, lining up balls on the ground really helps translate into football and gaining speed and strategy; a bunch of similar stuff that translates pretty easily.”