DraftKings Founders Support ‘Play-to-Earn’ Soccer Game with $ 3 Million Raise

A non-fungible token (NFT) game called Monkey ball raised $ 3 million as the latest experiment in the outbreak “play to win“, where players reap crypto rewards for their time.

The soccer game is being developed with the Unity game engine on the Solana blockchain with the aim of being a high production value AAA quality title, the company said Thursday.

In the game, users manage a team of four monkeys who play head-to-head matches against other users. Teams earn tokens for wins and can collect additional rewards for purchasing stadiums and participating in other users’ matches.

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The funding round was backed by Solana Capital, Republic, NFX, iAngels and Longhash, and included angel investments from several founders of DraftKings and the biggest shareholder of the sports betting platform, billionaire Shalom Meckenzie.

“Games to win are a revolution in the way players interact with the virtual world,” Meckenzie said in a press release. “Games and NFTs will be blockchain’s first true mass application, all that’s missing is to create a game that will stand out among AAA titles. I believe the MonkeyBall team has what it takes to make it happen.