Does it work: KickerBall soccer ball

Quita Culpepper and Luis de Leon put KickerBall to the test.

AUSTIN, Texas – In some parts of the world it’s called soccer, but here we call it soccer, and it’s said to be the most popular sport in the world.

Players work hard to learn their moves. But one article promises to have you hitting like a pro and learning how to bend that ball in no time.

Swerve Ball KickerBall claims it will help you kick like a pro, letting you bend and deflect that soccer ball like a star.

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KVUE reporter Luis de Leon has played on the court for 10 years, so he can’t wait to try this toy.

The specially designed panels are meant to channel air differently than a regular ball, so it bends when you hit it.

The instructions say, for extreme results, be sure to follow when kicking the side.

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Shot after shot, KickerBall flies much further than intended, as it is much lighter than a regular soccer ball. But he swerves and curves.

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“So overall it’s obviously a lot lighter than a normal football. If you hit it the right way, I think it really bends,” he said. “Honestly, I’m going to have to give it a thumbs up.”

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