Child labor removed from the football sector


Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) President Qaiser Iqbal Baryar said SCCI has a zero tolerance policy for non-compliance with labor standards in the area of ​​child labor and ‘other socially responsible labor practices.

Speaking as the guest of honor at the Tripartite Plus meeting held on Saturday to promote social dialogue on best working practices, he welcomed the efforts of the soccer ball industry in Sialkot for the elimination of child labor have been recognized worldwide.

He said Sialkot’s framework model for eliminating child labor could be replicated at lower levels of the supply chain and other industrial sectors.

He announced the full support of the chamber to ensure full compliance with social and labor standards with zero tolerance for non-compliance.

Baryar revealed that the Sialkot Chamber will set up an advanced skills university to meet the specific needs of the Sialkot industry, which would fill the great void that currently exists in the country’s technical education system.

The meeting was organized by the Pakistan Employers’ Federation in collaboration with CSIC and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Posted in The Express Tribune, October 18e, 2020.

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