Can you really make ice cream with a soccer ball? This gadget says you can

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Can this “scoop of ice cream” really transform sports into a method of cooking?

This viral gadget may look like a soccer ball, but it’s actually an ice cream maker. Apparently this thing will make homemade ice cream on its own – all you have to do is take it out and play with it.

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It sounds too good to be true. Can you just go out, kick a ball for 20 minutes and then get some homemade ice cream?

That’s why we had to find out for ourselves. So we ordered one, put on our workout clothes, and got ready to test it out. To see what happened, watch the clip above or continue reading below.

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How does the scoop of ice cream work?

Basically there are three steps to using this thing.

  1. There are two chambers inside the ball. To start, fill the first one with all the ingredients for your favorite homemade ice cream recipe (we went with the strawberry).

  2. Then fill the smaller chamber with plenty of ice and about half a cup of rock salt. Seal the two chambers with their respective lids.

  3. Now is recess time. Take the ball out and wiggle it for about 20 or 25 minutes. It could mean kicking it, throwing it, running with it, rolling it up a hill – really, anything.

And that’s all. After that you should have a rewarding batch of fresh ice cream.

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Our opinion: Is this scoop of ice cream really worth it?

This thing definitely works, and it definitely makes really, really good homemade ice cream (homemade is always better, obviously). But, it takes a bit of work to get there.

Twenty minutes of physical activity might not seem like a lot, but it gets a lot quite quickly. This is because you have to constantly keep the ball moving to let the ice cream churn. And sometimes it can take over 20 minutes for this thing to work its magic.

In addition, it is not very versatile as a sports ball. We tried playing basketball, volleyball, and a lot of other sports with this thing, but it ended up only working well for soccer (and, weirdly, as medicine ball for abdominal workouts) .

So, yeah, this thing makes great ice cream. But it’s fair to ask: is the juice worth the squeeze? If you don’t have a full football team at your disposal, maybe not.

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