Bulldogs dominate Wildcats on soccer field | Sports

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Wildcats college football team hosted the Calexico Bulldogs on Wednesday, April 28, for a game that resulted in a record-breaking victory for the Bulldogs, 9-1.

Starting the first half of the game, the Bulldogs started from midfield to initiate their first possession. However, during the first few minutes of play, both teams struggled to control the ball for an offensive push.

As both teams battled for possession, the Wildcats pushed downfield but suffered a foul for a free kick just outside the penalty area. With a scoring chance, the Wildcats Manual Rojas lined up their shot for a kick that passed the Bulldogs goaltender for the night’s first goal, 1-0.

One behind, the Bulldogs picked up their pace to try to get back into the game. After battling for possession, the Bulldogs pushed forward but suffered a foul for a free kick. The Bulldogs crossed the ball into the penalty area for a pass that joined Luis Ricarios for a light touch that went to the back of the net, 1-1. The Bulldogs quickly regained possession of a Brando Galvan shot on goal, but the shot was blocked by Wildcats goaltender Carlos Orantes.

The action resumed in the 20th minute of play with an attack from the Bulldogs. The ball was passed to Ricardo Godinez who rocked his defender for a shot that landed in the top corner of the net, giving the Bulldogs a 2-1 lead. With time running out in the first half of the game, the Wildcats found themselves with a chance of their own as Jorge Haro fired a shot just inside the midfield but was kept out of the way by a diving goalkeeper, Dither Beltran.

On a quick change of possession, the Bulldogs rushed to the field to try to score by Ricarios. In the uproar, the Wildcats goaltender left the goal but was foiled by Ricarios, whose shot landed in the net, 3-1.

For the remainder of the first half of play, the Bulldogs managed to score another goal to take a three-point lead over the Wildcats, 4-1.

Early in the second half of the game, the Wildcats started from midfield, setting the clock on. Despite the Wildcats’ best efforts, the Bulldogs pushed forward to score five more goals to secure their victory for the night, 9-1.

“We didn’t expect this game to be so one-sided, but we’re proud of our team and their ability to execute our game and take our second win of the season against the Wildcats,” said the coach. head of Calexico, Javier Bernal. .

After the win, the Bulldogs advanced their record to 7-3-1 and a league record to 4-1. This record placed the Bulldogs in first place for league play. The Wildcats record fell to 4-6-1 and a league record of 1-4. This placed the Wildcats in fifth place in the league.

“Going forward, we will continue to try to play our game and put our players in the positions they need on the pitch,” said Bernal.