Boys and Girls Club celebrates the donation of basketballs and soccer balls

PARKERSBOURG, W.Va (WTAP) – On Wednesday, the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg celebrated Buffalo Wild Wings, the company that sponsors the “All Stars” sports programs that Boys and Girls Clubs run across the country. This year, BWW provided basketball uniforms and 100 soccer balls and basketballs to the Parkersburg Boys and Girls Club. Staff distributed balloons to students throughout the summer.

A company representative was invited to watch the children choose between a soccer ball or a basketball on Wednesday, but no one was able to be there while WTAP was on the scene. That didn’t stop the chaperones from letting a handful of kids make their choice.

Reach for a soccer ball(Zach Shrivers)

Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg executive director Ben Shuman said this year’s activities have changed due to COVID-19. Even this year’s football league will look a little more like foosball than actual football. Shuman says students will have a designated area to roam, but won’t go abreast with other players.

“Even though COVID-19 has really affected how we function and what we can do with our children, we still engage them in lots of physical activity. We just do it in a way that they don’t have a lot of direct, repetitive contact with each other,” Shuman said.

And Buffalo Wild Wing’s donation will likely help keep kids active. Every child who picked up a ball immediately started bouncing it. Shuman says some of the donated balls can also be used by the club for various activities, including football.

Club officials will continue to distribute balls to club members until none remain. Students say they are grateful for their new toys.

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