Athlete Spotlight: Cody Crittenden, Sherando Football Player | Winchester star

18-year-old senior Sherando High School

Sports: Soccer. Position: Defender

Parents: Tara and David Crittenden

Hometown: Born in Alexandria (lived in Stephens City for 17 years)

What do you like in football? : Go to team dinners and hang out with the guys. Playing sports is always fun, but hanging out with the guys and the bonds we make is probably the best part of football.

Most memorable moment in football: Probably this last season traveling with Winchester United. We won our tournament in Richmond. It was my last travel season, so it was a nice way to end my traveling career. The group stage was quite tough, the teams were tough and the games were quite tight, but we got more points at the end. We were placed in the championship, and I guess the other group wasn’t as strong as ours. We won the championship 4-0 or 5-0. Being there and hanging out with the guys was awesome.

Most embarrassing moment in soccer: Last year against Millbrook, we were up 5-1 or something. I was playing in central defense and they played a through ball which went towards our keeper. I thought I was playing basketball for a second and started boxing around the ball. I didn’t even kick. It was so weird. It was like inside the six and I started boxing so the [Millbrook player] I didn’t understand it, but I didn’t erase it. My trainer still jokes with me about it to this day.

The most difficult moment in football: At the start of this season, our very first game, I got injured in the first five minutes. I was absent for five or six games. Just sitting on the bench watching my team play, it was so hard not being able to go out and play with my team.

Three people you can dine with, dead or alive: Malik Willis; he played as a quarterback on the Liberty football team [University] and that’s where I plan to go. He is so humble and could tell me some secrets on campus. [French soccer player and center back] Presnel Kimpembe; we play in the same position and I love the way he plays. He also has style so he could give me fashion advice. And my great-grandfather Charlie Furr; that’s where I get my height from (Crittenden is 6ft 4in), and I’ve heard so many stories about him. I just want to meet him, because I’ve never met him before.

Biggest Athletic Influence: [Washington Commanders wide receiver] Terry McLaurin. He goes there every game day and participates in competitions. He does not speak [bad] to the referees or talk [bad] to the other team. He is still a good example. He is team first. He doesn’t hang out, party, drink or do any of that stuff. He’s just a football player and doing his job.

Favorite teachers: Mrs. [Lori] Rouhani and Mrs. [Diane] Foreman. They were both my kindergarten teachers. I am still in contact with them to this day. Ms. Foreman, I see her at certain sporting events and I see her here and there. He’s just a great person to be around. Ms. Rohani, she was the head teacher in kindergarten. She and my mom are like best friends, and she always comes to my games. She is awesome.

Favorite athlete: Terry McLaurin

Favorite Sports Team: Washington Commanders

Favorite movie: “Cars”

Favorite song: “Statement” by G Herbo

Favorite Food: Apple Cinnamon Rolled Oats

Worst thing you’ve eaten: refried beans

Projects after high school: I’m going to Liberty University and majoring in aeronautics. My ultimate goal is to become a professional pilot. When I was going on a mission trip to Houston the summer before entering ninth grade, when I got on the plane, the whole experience was exhilarating to me. At that moment, I said to myself: “I need to be a pilot”. It was just an awesome experience.

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki