All-Metro Male Football Player of the Year: Gibbs Recovers from Knee Injury to Keep Fort Zumwalt South on Top | All-Metro Boys Football

“It was really the whole team. I haven’t seen a single child get nervous, panic. We all stayed calm and did what we did.

Layne is the “half-full glass” type when it comes to analyzing Gibbs statistics. Yes, they were out of the lightning pace last season, but the circumstances have to be assessed.

“Some might consider him not to reach the level he was as a junior,” Layne said. “I would think the other way around. Considering what he was trying to overcome – the injuries he had – he actually achieved more this year than he did last year.

“He’s always been a big game player; he always wants to shine in a great game. It’s really hard to find these types of players. When we needed something to happen, he made it happen. Karson was never shaken. He remained calm and collected. When the opportunities presented themselves, he made the most of them. This is what separates Karson from the rest.

Gibbs, Brandon and Jen’s son, underwent knee repair surgery three days after the state championship game. He will join the St. Louis City Under-23 development team in the spring. Gibbs said his younger brother, Ryley, will also be joining the city of St. Louis. Ryley is in his second year at Fort Zumwalt South.

“I’m definitely going to miss (high school), but you still have to move on to bigger and better things,” Karson Gibbs said. “What I will remember about all of this is how fun it was to go out there and play in high school. For the majority of my seasons in high school, I was with the same guys. Being able to bond over those four years has been the most special part. Being able to string together and win three of the four state championships was a great way to end my high school career. “