Special Check or Loan

Special check or loan? When someone needs money and has access to credit, it is a bit tricky to know what the best option is. For those who have special credit lines and also have pre-approved personal loan with fixed installments – what is the best way? That’s what we’ll see. \ Special Check – On special check you have pre-established credit limit, monthly fixed interest paid once every month of the amount used within the period. Overdraft is a useful financial product if you want to borrow money in the short term or in emergencies.

In this line of credit, you lend money through your checking account up to a certain limit to pay in 30 days, it may be interesting since your bank automatically offers you money without you having to request and go through bureaucracies, moreover in most banks the customer has a few days to use without any interest charges. Average interest rates are between 5.99% and 10.99%.

If you are not careful and fail to pay the amount or interest of the period, you run the risk of being charged on high costs and charges. By using the overdraft continuously the costs are not worth anything.

Personal Loan –

Personal Loan -


To have a little more peace of mind, lower installments because of the long term and a larger amount than the overdraft, you may want to consider that an unsecured personal loan is better depending on the occasion.

The personal loan that a bank provides to its client, usually are not protected with assets like your home or your automobile, are known as unsecured loans or personal. “They allow you to lend a larger amount than the overdraft.”

In this mode, you will know how much your monthly installments are and the term of the operation immediately. So, you can rest easy knowing how much the personal loan will get out of your checking account every month for the duration of the contract. The interest rate is usually pre-fixed, this way you will not face any unexpected additional costs.

The interest rates for personal loans revolve around 2.99% and 8.49%, however, it can be high if you ask for small amounts with very short terms. However, if you want to anticipate installments, this is possible.

Before hiring the Overdraft or Loan, check the rates, interest, charges, terms and all conditions carefully.

Predatory Interest – Find Out How to Get Rid Of Them Now



Predatory interest is more common than we can imagine. They are present in credit lines of the most offered by the traditional banks, which include a less rigorous process and count on the possible delinquency of the client, what leaves very high rates.


Find out when there is abusive interest


The abusive interest usually goes unnoticed by more inattentive clients, but it is with some basic calculations and comparisons that a specialist can conclude if there were additions beyond that indicated in the provision of credit service. Let’s understand better?

How to find abusive interest?


To find the abusive interest in the credit agreement, be it financing or borrowing, you must pay attention to the following details:

Contract: It is in contract analysis where you can find basic information about the service, such as total value of debt, quantity and value of installments, among other details.

Typically, the language of credit contracts is more technical, and most non-specialists in the field will hardly understand in a shallow reading, the quickest to sign the service contract.

Data: The law provides guidelines for what is abusive interest. For example, it is taking the date of signature of the agreement and comparing with the average interest rate published by the Central Bank of Brazil according to that service that is discovered if there is abuse or not in the amount passed on to the consumer.

It is worth remembering that it is not just a type of fees, but different interest that makes up this type of credit service.


How to avoid very high interest rates?

How to avoid very high interest rates?

The watchword is to search the credit options. There are many credit options in the financial market today, be it the loan itself or even the financing. Regardless of your purpose, research these possibilities and escape the villains.

For example, did you know that overdrafts and credit cards are the most expensive interest rate options on the market? The former revolves around 324% per year, second only to the second, which almost reaches 335% per year, respectively. To get started, then cut these two options off your list.

So, be patient and look at the options on the market, compare interest rates, and be wary of many facilities. And remember to use the internet in your favor, research the central bank’s website and interest the month, thereby creating a basis of comparison before hiring the credit service.


Most interest on the market


Most interest on the market

The more affordable interest rates on the credit market are more spread out, in different options even. Let us see, according to the data of the central bank, considering first the most affordable interest rate with average rates:

  • Loan with guarantee of property: 16% pa
  • Public Consignment: 24% pa
  • Consigned INSS: 26% pa
  • Loan with car guarantee: 33% pa
  • Private Payroll: 41,% aa
  • Personal Loan: 125% pa
  • Credit card installments: 174% pa


What to do with high interest rates?


What to do with high interest rates?

If you have signed a contract and it contains the abusive interest, then look for your right. According to law experts, after finding the high fees, the lawyer can enter with the so-called revisional action.

When the action is accepted, the financial institution will have to discount the amount that was paid more in the next installments or even to refund the amount exceeded to the consumer.

The lawsuit does not have a deadline to happen, however it is common that it does not take too long. The lawyer also looks at other possibilities and if the case is actually feasible.


Consumer Code addresses high interest rates


Consumer Code addresses high interest rates


More than simply doing the math, you have to be aware of legislation. According to the CDC (Consumer Protection Code), Law No. 8.078, article 39, item V, of 1990, “it is forbidden to the supplier of products or services, among other abusive practices, to demand from the consumer a manifestly excessive advantage” .

In addition to talking about interest, the code also talks about unfair contractual clauses. According to article 51, item IV, “contractual clauses related to the supply of products and services that establish obligations considered iniquitous, abusive, that put the consumer at an extreme disadvantage, that is, incompatible with the good faith or equity. “

To avoid high interest rates, just research, analyze and even talk to market experts. Compare yourself and do not quit closing the first deal. Remember that the situation gets complicated after signing the service contract.

What Can I Do To Earn Money In My Free Time? Loans

Sometimes, what we earn in our jobs does not come to us to face the end of each month with guarantees. That is why we often ask ourselves: what can I do to earn extra money that allows me to live these last days of each month with greater solvency and with total peace of mind? In this way, by having extra income, we will also be prepared for any unforeseen expenses that we have to face immediately. In this article we offer you a few ideas to know what to do to earn extra money that will allow you to live better and without so much economic hardship.
how to earn extra money

What can I do to earn money?

 What can I do to earn money?

There are classic jobs like walking dogs or taking care of children on the weekend that have always been used as a way to earn extra money. Others are less known. For example, make money by watching television. Broadcasters hire people to do audience analysis with them. However, in this new era of the Internet have proliferated the jobs to earn extra money online and, sometimes, without leaving home. All kinds of jobs that allow a certain freedom of schedules and the possibility of doing a job comfortably from home or using the Internet as a channel to earn more money.
A clear example is that of the people who live sharing their car and taking other users thanks to the web service offered by BlaBlaCar . One more way that the Internet offers us to get extra money or even get to live full time with a job of this type.

On the Internet, what can I do to earn extra money?

 On the Internet, what can I do to earn extra money?

What can I do to earn extra money? The network offers you many possibilities nowadays. Many web portals pay users for performing different actions. We will try to frame the ways to earn money online in the following way:
Websites: there are web pages that pay for different services. They are good alternatives to earn extra money. In Fiverr, for example, you can offer copywriting services, graphic design, translations … In Project Payday you are paid for testing products that are going to go on the market. There are many websites that pay for your services.
Selling things: creating a web page is very easy and a basic page can come at a great price. If you do not have time or you do not have knowledge, in platforms like Wix you can create one in a matter of minutes to start selling your own products or services. An idea to earn extra money that, if it goes well, can become your way of life.
Fill out surveys : a classic answer to the question of “what can I do to make money online” is to fill out surveys. They usually pay very little, although if you do not mind answering forms and surveys, it can be a good option to earn money in your spare time.
Monetize your blog : Do you have a blog? Take advantage to earn money! There are many ways to monetize a blog: affiliate marketing, advertising, create a space for members or subscribers, get sponsors and sell services or products.
Work from home companies : there are companies that allow you to work from your own home with total comfort and without limitations of schedules. Some of them are Demand Studios (creative professionals, filmmakers, editors …), Leap Force (to classify for Google the websites) or LiveOps (a call center that allows their telemarketers to work from their own home).
Make money with You Tube : the popular website pays those who upload videos, but to earn money this way you must have many visits, so the first thing you must do is to gain subscribers. Think of something that is good for you, talk about it and give it your distinctive and original touch.

Do you need an urgent loan?


Sometimes, not even with extra money we get to the end of the month. Worse still when we face any inconvenience (debt, traffic ticket …) that we had not taken into account when planning our expenses. If you need an urgent loan , Tom Wilcher helps you with your efforts. When we receive the application for one of these immediate internet loans , Tom Wilcher deals with the efforts to find the loan that best suits the conditions you have chosen. These efforts are made in record time, so in the best case you can have the liquidity you need in less than 10 or 15 minutes.
The process for applying for one of these quick and easy loans is extremely simple. In just two steps and in less than two or three minutes , you can request your urgent loan. That’s how fast and that easy. Use the two scrollable bars that you see in Tom Wilcher to choose the amount ( up to 750 euros ) and the return period (up to 30 days maximum). Choose your loan with your own conditions and request it today!