96: In the morning, who wants to become an emperor

Training duel at Hannover 96: Luca Beckenbauer (l.) With Matthias Ostrzolek.


Resulta ng larawan para sa Florent Muslija

Eight professionals of Bundesliga club Hannover 96 are currently traveling with their national teams. To make a meaningful workout possible in the international break, Coach made André Breitenreiter without further ado, a youth: He ordered nine junior players to the training ground of the pros. Along with Tim Walbrecht, Emre Aytun, Abdullah Dzafo, Simon Stehle, Justin Neiss, Julian Klar, Benjamin Hadzic and Niklas Tarnat, Luca Beckenbauer stood out by name alone. He also wears the shirt number five in Hannover U19, directs the defense and is captain – parallels to his famous grandfather “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer can not be dismissed out of hand.

Breitenreiter: “The name does not matter”

“We look at him as well as the others, for us the name does not matter,” said Breitenreiter. That the 18-year-old wears the most famous surname in German football, should neither be a foregone conclusion nor a disadvantage. “We do well to let the grandfather out of it, it’s not an issue for us,” said the 96-coach: “I think he wants to be perceived as Luca and not as Franz’s grandson.


Florent Muslija – Hanover’s new magic foot

Resulta ng larawan para sa Florent Muslija

Florent Muslija impressed with his free-kick goal in Leverkusen – the youngster wants to start at Hannover 96 now. more

Luca Beckenauer, whose father Stephan died in 2015 as a result of a brain tumor, began his football career with FC Bayern, playing for the past two years in the U19 of Schalke 04 – but due to injury he often sat in the stands. Since his change to the leash last summer, it is now much better again, Beckenbauer came for Hannover 96 II even to a use in the Regionalliga Nord, played in the 0: 3 against the Hamburger SV II 90 minutes. “That’s our philosophy of introducing young players,” said Breitenreiter. In fact: Waldemar Anton is at 22 years youngest captain of a Bundesliga team. Florent Muslija (20) has scored twice in four league games and is celebrated as the new “magic foot” . The 19-year-old Linton Maina shone in the last race as scorer in a 2-1 win against VfL Wolfsburg . In the same match, 22-year-old Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee made his comeback after a long injury break.

Beckenbauer still needs patience

But while Franz Beckenbauer debuted in the first team of FC Bayern at the age of 18 years (1964 in the Bundesliga promotion round at FC St. Pauli ), must Luca Beckenbauer on his way to the first professional use probably still a bit wait. “For the boys it’s a chance to show themselves,” said Breitenreiter about the nine players from his own offspring. And once the nervousness had to be defeated: “They were a bit excited, it’s always something special to be with the pros.”



Not normal – Wolfsburg’s young injured again

Sebastian Jung remains the Wolfsburg problem child.

Resulta ng larawan para sa sebastian jung

Cruciate ligament tear, rupture of the surgical wound, muscle injury, ligament tear in the ankle joint, torn muscle fibers, tendon injury in the calf – the medical record of Wolfsburg football player Sebastian Jung is long. All the more remarkable was the contract renewal with the problem child in January of this year: “Behind me is a really long dry spell, which was not easy, but I kept on going and never let it get me down.” Now I start again VfL, that you will continue to rely on me in the future, “said Jung at the time. Ten months later, the 28-year-old has to cope with another setback. Muscular problems – this time in the thigh – let the scheduled for today’s Thursday comeback burst in the professional team.

Training crash due to thigh injury

Jung was on a good way, had played his first season-competitive game in the U23 of the “Wolves” in the Regionalliga against Werder II at the weekend. The right-back went the full distance and was then optimistic: “I was out long, every game is good for me, I feel fit.” However, a few days later he had to cancel the training injured again. VfL coach Bruno Labbadia reacted with concern. That’s tragic, really, tragic for him and for us. “

Only six Bundesliga games in two and a half years

Enlarge image During the international match against Poland 2014 Sebastian Jung ran for 19 minutes.

Jung has been with VfL since the summer of 2014, switching from Frankfort-based Eintracht to Lower Saxony. Shortly before, he had celebrated his international debut in the 0-0 draw against Poland and was considered a bearer of hope on the right wing. In the following season, in which the VfL runner-up and cup winner, Jung was in 30 official games on the court. This was followed by eleven league games in 2015/2016 before the suffering period began in the round of 16 of the Champions League against Gent (3: 2) on February 17, 2016 with the cruciate ligament tear. Since then, Jung has only had six appearances in the Bundesliga – this year, one minute in January against Hannover 96 (1: 0) and eleven minutes in February against Bayern (1: 2) to book.

Labbadia at a loss: “This is not normal”


Resulta ng larawan para sa sebastian jung

Operation, rehab, comeback, renewed injury – again and again Jung had to deal with setbacks: “That all this does not pass by without a trace, is clear,” admits the professional. “It just annoys me that it happens over and over again and nobody really knows why I always have muscle injuries.” Even coach Labbadia is at a loss: “This is not normal, but we can not do much there because we have already tried everything,” said the VfL coach and meant it also blood tests or dietary changes. In addition, Jung presented to a specialist in Munich, who checked him through. So far, apparently without success. Nevertheless, giving up is not part of the vocabulary of the VfL defender.

Wolfsburg squad for the season 2018/2019

  • Goal: Koen Casteels

  • Gate: Pavao Pervan

  • Goal: Phillip Menzel

  • Defense: Jeffrey Bruma

  • Defense: Sebastian Jung

  • Defense: Marcel Tisserand

  • Defense: William

  • Defense: Jerome Roussillon (r.)

  • Defense: Gian-Luca Itter

  • Defense: Paul Verhaegh

  • Defense: Ohis Felix Uduokhai

  • Defense: John Anthony Brooks

  • Defense: Robin Knoche

  • Midfield: Ignacio Camacho

  • Midfield: Josuha Guilavogui

  • Midfield: Maximilian Arnold

  • Midfield: Josip Brekalo

  • Midfield: Yannick Gerhardt

  • Midfield: Elvis Rexhbecaj

  • Midfield: Jakub “Cuba” Blaszczykowski

  • Midfield: Paul Seguin

  • Midfield: Yunus Malli

  • Center field: Marvin Stefaniak

  • Midfield: Renato Steffen

  • Midfield: Felix Klaus

  • Midfield: Paul-Georges Ntep

  • Storm: Admiral Mehmedi

  • Storm: Daniel Ginczek

  • Storm: Ismail Azzaoui

  • Storm: Wout Weghorst


Florent Muslija – Hanover’s new magic foot

Two Bundesliga matches, two goals – Florent Muslija’s performance curve points upwards.


Resulta ng larawan para sa Florent Muslija

Jan Simak, Szabolcs Huszti, Lars Stindl, Christian Pander – Bundesliga club Hannover 96 have always had good free-kickers – this season is actually Pirmin Schwegler at the Lower Saxony responsible for the dormant ball. Actually, because last week at 2: 2 in Leverkusen left the 31-year-old veteran Florent Muslija the execution. With success: The youngster conjured the ball spectacular in the mesh. “I see myself as a standard shooter – even for direct free kicks,” the 20-year-old subsequently claims. On NDR radio he advertised indirectly for a renewed nomination for the home game of the Lower Saxony on Saturday against FC Augsburg: “This can be a weapon for such games.”

Naughty, carefree, confident

In fact, Muslija may hope after his start-up debut, now also in the home stadium for the first time from the beginning to run aground. Coach André Breitenreiter wanted to give the youngster on Thursday at the press conference for the match against Augsburg no guarantee (“He is an option”), impressed by his new signing, who came from Karlsruher SC in the summer, but he is still. He was agile and committed to the service of the team, “the 96-coach praised the appearance of the attacking midfielder in Leverkusen, who came back highly motivated by his international duty for the German U20 , Muslija also scored a beautiful free-kick goal against Switzerland.

But his class is not only reflected in standards: The 20-year-old is also fast and blessed with a fine technique. So he searched again and again one-on-one situations, tunnels, for example, World Cup participant Julian Brandt. From time to time, the youngster twisted, which brought him a small rebuke from Horst Heldt: “Maybe he can play the ball earlier in one situation or another.” But the sports director is also convinced: “We will have a lot of fun with him and he is an example of the way Hanover must go,” he said.

Model Lars Stindl

Florent Muslija – Hanover’s new hit?


Florent Muslija scored one goal for Hannover 96 in his first two Bundesliga games. The 20-year-old indicates great potential.

In Leverkusen, Breitenreiter bravely placed Muslija in 10th place. “I come mainly from the center, but I play where the coach puts me,” said Muslija, who is following in Stindl’s footsteps in Hanover: “He is a role model for my career and he was great during his time in Hannover developed, “he said about today’s Gladbacher, who once came from Karlsruhe like Muslija and on the leash became the performer and captain.

The prospects that a second Stindl grows up in Muslija are good – in any case, development will not fail due to a lack of self-confidence. So the youngster sat over the advice of his experienced goalkeeper Michael Esser in his art shot in Leverkusen: “I told him to shoot him in the goalkeeper corner,” said the keeper. “I did what I thought was right,” Muslija countered with a smile. If he makes that against Augsburg again so successful, the smile should be a big grin.



The deep fall of Braunschweiger Eintracht

Resulta ng larawan para sa Eintracht Braunschweig


Hanging heads with coach André Schubert and his concord.

Eintracht Braunschweig threatens to fall into insignificance. Five and a half years after the rise to the Bundesliga, the traditional club in the third league stands with its back to the wall. How could it possibly come this far? The chronicle of a decline.

Even the high fence in the south curve can not stop them: Ultras from block nine storm into the interior, so they want to vent their anger. Others in the Eintracht Stadium remain rigid after the again home defeat against Uerdingen last Saturday. They are all one and the same: frustration. And disbelief. What happened to their harmony, which was only a year and a half ago wafer-thin before the renewed promotion to the Bundesliga?

Bad mood in Brunswick

No victory, no self-confidence, but fan frustration. “That’s tough at the moment,” said coach Andre Schubert after the 0: 2 of his Brunswick Eintracht against Uerdingen. Video (00:35 min)

Many of the supporters will also have been there at the time, on May 8, 2017, when Braunschweig defeated in the penultimate home game of the season promotion rival Union Berlin. Under floodlight. Taste of a new season in the Beletage of German football after 2014. Thought not a few. But then came Bielefeld. Or rather, the “lions” had to go there. To the penultimate. The climb they had in their own hands, but with a 0: 6 swatter in the luggage, we went on the journey home. It was the beginning of the end.

Fast, almost unprecedented downtrend

It followed the failure in the relegation against the financially strong VfL Wolfsburg and a downtrend, whose pace is almost unprecedented: relegation from the Second Division, crash to the bottom of the third league table, two changes of coach ( Torsten Lieberknecht , Henrik Pedersen), a manager dismissal (Marc Arnold) without replacement, the head of the junior performance center replaced, descent of the U17 and U19, forced descent of the U23 from the Regionalliga Nord.

The traditional club is back where it was before the decade Lieberknecht / Arnold ever. Only: This time it’s even worse.


Resulta ng larawan para sa Eintracht Braunschweig

A wasteful descent

That a club that fails in the promotion relegation gets problems in the following season is not uncommon. Fürth and Karlsruhe, for example, can sing a song about it. But seldom was a descent from the second superfluous than that of Braunschweig. Only on the last day of the match were the “Löwen” for the first time on a relegation zone – 33 laps ago not. This has apparently obstructed the view of many, until recently hardly had one from the Eintracht leadership the descent on the slip. It will go well somehow and then you will re-establish in the second division, it said.

Nobody pulls the emergency brake

Enlarge image Sad cult coach: Torsten Lieberknecht after the descent.

A point from the last three games against Nuremberg, Ingolstadt and Kiel would have been enough for relegation. In the last game of the season, despite a two-time lead, there was a memorable debacle against a Kiel B-Elf. Long time ago Lieberknecht had burned out completely long before this game, and was no longer in a position to kindle the necessary fire among his players in the struggle for existence. He was not redeemed from higher place. The harmony slid openly with eyesight to the descent and nobody pulled the emergency brake.

A half-cooked restart

Obviously nobody was prepared for the worst case and the third league. The “lions” separated from Lieberknecht, the cooperation was worn out – understandable after ten long years. The manager was allowed to stay. For now. More tolerated than desired, because Arnold’s contract should not be extended beyond 2019 anyway. A half-cooked reboot, therefore, inconsistent, for fear of collapse. Despite the descent, Arnold was charged with finding a new coach and rebuilding the squad. But why look after a man with a perspective job who has no future perspective? Nobody had an alternative solution …

Resulta ng larawan para sa Eintracht Braunschweig

Let performers pull

The result of the most necessary renovation work was Pedersen, a Danish coach without head coaching experience in a German professional league, and the youngest and most inexperienced squad of the third division. A completely new team that the Eintracht fan did not recognize. The fact that the club let idols like Ken Reichel (Union Berlin) and Mirko Boland (Australia, First Division) or high achievers like Jan Hochscheidt (Aue) and Jasmin Fejzic (Magdeburg) pull away, even though they wanted to stay, seems to be the alternative for the young squad , the performance shown and the current standings almost absurd. These experienced players could and must be the skeleton, the corset of a young team that needs to be rebuilt.


Brunswick squad of the season 2018/2019

From the Otto twins and Youngster Leon citizens to veteran Stephan Fürstner: The squad of the football third division Eintracht Braunschweig at a glance. Gallery

In addition, the people responsible gave away valuable time in the squad planning. The result of the tough and in view of the situation superfluous hanging games: The players finally signed elsewhere – and that, even though there was still no adequate replacement. When the young twin brothers hired Nick and Yari Otto at the Lower Saxony, they did not know who they would be playing with in the future. There were hardly any players. To put it bluntly: When other third-division teams were already fine-tuning during the summer break, Eintracht did not even have a team together.



Hannover manages revenge against Wolfsburg

Resulta ng larawan para sa hannover 96

Hannover 96 has made the longed-for turnaround after four previously winless competitive games. The team of coach André Breitenreiter retaliated against VfL Wolfsburg successfully for the Cup-out ten days ago and won on Friday evening against the national rivals with 2: 1 (1: 0). The 19-year-old Linton Maina with his Bundesliga goal debut in the 96-jersey and Ihlas Bebou by penalty kick scored for the hosts, for the VfL Wout Weghorst was also successful from the point. Hannover showed a good first half and then held in the second round the ever-growing Wolfsburg pressure stand. Hannover sporting director Horst Heldt spoke of a “deserved victory”, Wolfsburg Maximilian Arnold quarreled with the usury: “There were five or six hundred percent here.”

Hannover wins and breathes

  • Nordderby in Lower Saxony: Wolfsburg is guesting at Kellerkind Hannover.

  • It’s a tough game in the first few minutes.

  • After 18 minutes it fidgets in the Hanoverian network. But the video umpire recognizes a hand-held game. It remains at 0: 0.

  • Then it hits the “wolves” even worse: Hannovers Linton Maina (l.) Scored after a nice preliminary work by Ihlas Bebou the opening goal.

  • The hosts celebrate the goal extensively.

  • From then on Hannover plays better. At half time, however, it remains at 1-0.

  • The “wolves” come out of the cab more. They work out some opportunities.

  • Especially Hanover goalkeeper Michael Esser (l.) Ensures that the VfL does not compensate in this phase.

  • One of the few Hanoverian attempts ends in a penalty. This Bebou (63.) transforms safely.

  • Wout Weghorst brings the guests back in the final minutes (82). His first goal is not enough.

  • It stays at 2: 1. While Hannover cheers …

  • … the guests are disappointed.


Hannover 96

VfL Wolfsburg



  • 1 : 0 Maina (31)
  • 2 : 0 Bebou (63., penalty kick)
  • 2: 1 Weghorst (82., penalty kick)

Hannover 96: M. Esser – J. Korb, Anton, Elez, Ostrzolek – Bebou, Walace, Bakalorz – Sarenren-Bazee (70th Albornoz), Maina (74th Weydandt) – Wood (87th Haraguchi)
VfL Wolfsburg: Casteels – William, Tisserand, Brooks, Roussillon – Arnold – Gerhardt, Rexhbecaj (46th Yeboah Zamora) – Malli – Ginczek (46th Brekalo), Weghorst
Spectators: 35800

Resulta ng larawan para sa hannover 96

While Breitenreiter made seven changes to the cup match on the Hanover side, VfL coach Bruno Labbadia changed only one position: Yunus Malli began for Josip Brekalo. And that decision would almost have paid off after 18 minutes when the German-Turk pushed the ball into the 96 net. But the video assistant in Cologne intervened and reported a previous handball by Yannick Gerhardt – referee Marco Fritz quite rightly took the gate back. A VfL leadership would also have been surprising at the time, because until then Hannover was the more spirited team, which lacked only the precision in the final. So also with Bebou, who could not bring enough pressure into his shot after his passport from Bobby Wood (24.). It was better shortly thereafter in the interaction between the Togolese and Maina. From a half-left position the 96-youngster Bebous submission to the 1: 0 in the loop (31).

Now it was an open exchange: Casteels prevented against the emerging in front of him Bebou 0: 2 (35.), on the opposite side failed Maximilian Arnold (37) and Daniel Ginczek (38) with shots from the penalty area line. With the tight 96-lead it went into the break.



Heldt: “Just happy today”

NDR 2 – 09.11.2018 22:36 Uhr

Hannovers sporting director Horst Heldt was relieved after a 2-1 win against Wolfsburg and spoke despite the numerous VfL scoring chances of a “deserved victory”.

Resulta ng larawan para sa hannover 96

Labbadia brought after the break Brekalo for the ailing Ginczek and John Yeboah for the pale Elvis Rexhbecaj. With the new duo Wolfsburg built up a lot of pressure. Yeboah missed the ball in the turmoil only a few centimeters (49th), Brekalo put the game device once free standing over the goal (51.) and failed shortly thereafter on the strongly responding Michael Esser in the 96-case (55th). The hosts, who made it 2-0 in the midst of this urge phase, showed themselves to be much more effective: The first offensive action of the “Reds” in the second round ended Wolfsburg’s William in his own penalty box with a kick against Marvin Bakalorz’s foot – Bebou converted the penalty due (63.).


Arnold: “You can not have more chances”


For a long time, the only goal scored in Hannover was shot, because the game had completely shifted into the 96-half. The strong-bred Brekalo headed just over (69.), Yeboah’s shot kept Esser (75) and also in a header from Weghorst was the brilliantly launched 96-keeper on the spot (78th). The defense of the width rider Elf held – until Miiko Albornoz and Wood VfL striker Weghorst took the deficit and referee Fritz decided to horror the hosts on penalty. The Dutchman kicked himself and scored the long-overcoming goal (82). To more was not enough, the last Wolfsburg chance missed again Brekalo, whose shot from close range defused Esser (90 + 1). So Hanover could be happy in the end about a happy victory.



Wolfsburg has to narrowly beaten

Resulta ng larawan para sa VfL Wolfsburg

The VfL Wolfsburg has pulled against Borussia Dortmund more than honorable from the affair, had to be beaten on Saturday the league leaders with 0: 1 (0: 1). National player Marco Reus scored the only goal of the afternoon for the Westphalians, who could not raise their dreaded offensive play in Wolfsburg. The VfL showed a strong defensive performance and would have deserved a draw by some good chances in the second round. Wolfsburg coach Bruno Labbadia had previously described BVB as the “benchmark of the league” – given that, VfL can look forward to better times after this home performance. “Borussia Dortmund was beatable today,” said Maximilian Arnold after the game to the NDR radio and quarreled: “Unfortunately, we are empty-handed there.”

BVB without ideas, but with the leadership

VfL Wolfsburg

VfL Wolfsburg: Casteels – William, Tisserand, Brooks, Roussillon – Gerhardt (81st Malli), Arnold, Rexhbecaj (69th Steffen) – Ginczek, Brekalo (81st Yeboah Zamora) – Weghorst
Bor. Dortmund: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Zagadou, Guerreiro – Witsel, Delaney – Sancho (78th Pulisic), Reus, Bruun Larsen (90th Toprak) – Alcácer (78th Philipp)
Spectators: 30000 (sold out)

The league leaders from Dortmund was game-defining from the start, but also not very creative in his ball possession football. Although VfL was forced to do a lot of defensive work, it also had little difficulty in preventing dangerous situations from its own goal. Just as the Labbadia team seemed to break free and set their own offensive marks, the guests from Westphalia struck: Thomas Delaney involuntarily put a cross from Jadon Sancho’s shoulder in the head and Reus nodded to BVB’s lead – Jerome Roussillon had failed to put the national player offside (27.). After that, the Dortmund withdrew a bit back and lurked on counterattack – such had almost brought the half-time whistle 2: 0, but Paco Alcácer brought a cross by Reus not on goal (45. + 1).

VfL at eye level, but without Fortune

After the restart, it was the hosts, who came to first conclusions. John Anthony Brooks failed with a header (54th), Arnold with a long-range shot (58th). The Dortmunder, however, initially remained harmless and error-prone in the offensive. Symptomatic was a free kick by Raphael Guerreiro from the left half-field, which landed past friend and foe past the right corner flag, where Sancho could not bring him under control (63.). More dangerous was the VfL: In a touchdown by Renato Steffen BVB keeper Roman Bürki could just bring up the fists and was also then against Daniel Ginczek on the spot (73). The 1: 1 was in the air and yet almost the 2: 0 for Dortmund fell. William misjudged a defensive action and had to let Jacob Bruun Larsen go – but the Dane put the ball close to the post (79th).

Labbadia drew with the substitution of Yunus Malli and Bundesliga debutant John Yeboah his last trumps (81). But it did not bring anything – the only good VfL opportunity in the closing phase awarded Brooks head (87.). That the Americans had been brought by a pluck from Dan Axel Zagadou out of balance, arbitrator Daniel Siebert had not punished.


HSV: Kuehne-date burst


Almost four years have passed since this memorable day. This milestone in January 2015: When logistics billionaire Klaus-Michael Kühne bought the name rights of the stadium. Since the 2015/2016 season, the arena is again Volksparkstadion. The fans cheered – the time that the lettering of a sponsor on the stadium was (for the moment) over. In the coming year, however, the four-year contract expires. Will the contract be extended? Is it the beloved name? This is more questionable than ever, because the negotiations between the football second division and investor Kühne have apparently stalled.


Resulta ng larawan para sa soccer

Kühne accuses “targeted indiscretion”

According to information from the “Hamburger Abendblatt” (Wednesday) Kuehne had canceled a meeting scheduled for last Monday. This should be about the continuation of naming rights. The 81-year-old is said to be angry about indiscretions. Specifically, that his plan games, the naming rights initially only for a year to extend, became public. At the request of the “Abendblatt”, Kuehne wrote that this was “a deliberate indiscretion of those responsible for the HSV, who in this way want to try to force me to make further commitments.” The stronger this happens, the lower my inclination, another less for the HSV to do.”

additional Information

Kühne: “Will get rid of my HSV shares”

The retreat of patron Klaus-Michael Kühne at HSV continues: In an interview, the investor said he wanted to get rid of his shares. The club management reacted calmly. (From 09.09.2018) more


Osnabrück: Trust and risk pay off

After 15 match days, VfL Osnabrück is surprisingly at the top of the table in the third division. Coach Daniel Thioune, despite his difficult debut last season, has paid off as well as a risky transfer policy at first sight.

Resulta ng larawan para sa soccer

The word “humility” is currently a buzzword in German professional football. Also at the third league leader VfL Osnabrück. In this case, however, it is no coquetting when coach Thioune says to the surprising leaderboard: “We are very humble, we know where we come from.” From very far down. Last season , VfL just landed above the line. A nerve-racking relegation battle was spared the Lower Saxony, as the Chemnitzer FC fell back after the deduction of nine points without any prospects.

Trust in coach Thioune – change in the team

But the club’s director and sports director Benjamin Schmedes drew the right conclusions and conclusions in summer: Thioune’s contract was extended until 2020 , although under his leadership only six wins in 23 games. However, there was a radical change in the team. “Of course, it was good to feel the trust then,” said the 44-year-old coach, who acquired his football teacher license in the same year as Julian Nagelsmann (TSG Hoffenheim) and Domenico Tedesco (Schalke 04).


Osnabrück’s squad for the 2018/2019 season

From A like Alvarez, Agu and Amenyido to Z like Zorba: All players of the football third division VfL Osnabrück in the season 2018/2019 at a glance. Gallery

A little serves Schalke 04 Thioune as a role model: Osnabrück is tactically very disciplined and puts the focus on a strong defense. Only ten goals in 15 games has conceded the VfL this season. When acquiring professionals who can implement Thioune’s ideas, the Lower Saxony deliberately took a certain risk. “We were looking for players who were perhaps underestimated somewhere else, some of whom were already on the ground,” says Thioune. With young goalkeeper Nils Körber, center-back Maurice Trapp and midfielders David Blacha, Ulrich Taffertshofer, Anas Ouahim and Manuel Farrona Pulido, Schmedes and Thioune get real luck.

Torgarant Marcos Alvarez

Marcos Alvarez looks good for the goals – as well as a player whose career had come to a standstill because of injuries. But this season, the 27-year-old plays great and has already secured the Lila Weisse some points with late goals, eight goals are overall in the statistics. Especially as a free kick specialist, he is a guarantee of success for VfL. However, Alvarez is also the only actor who meets regularly. Offensively, the VfL can improve significantly. With ease, he usually does not win his games, Thioune also knows: “We have to work hard every week.” Does the coach already think about a possible promotion to the Second League? Thioune does not want to be tempted and remains relaxed. “If we are in first place by Christmas, the gifts will be a little bigger – and then it’s the new year.” The Osnabrück coach can not yet be infected by the euphoria that is emerging in the environment.

Resulta ng larawan para sa soccer


Business with junior football: How to trick Consultants

Striker Nicolas Kühn attracts the attention of scouts early on. As a 15-year-old, he moves from Hannover 96 to RB Leipzig. Although the rules of the German Football Association (DFB) prohibit making money with underage gamblers, the brokers smell a deal – and come with dubious methods apparently at their expense.

He is a striker through and through. That has always been so, they tell to this day at TSV Klein Heidorn, firing absolutely fixed on goal. Nicolas Kühn started playing football at the Bambini village club near Hanover. A trifle with “graceful movements,” says Yvo Kühn and shows in the sports club story of NDR television proud of a photo of his early courted son. Nicolas was considered one of the greatest talents of the Republic, as one as the only one year older Kai Havertz of Bayer Leverkusen . The advisors were queuing – and apparently came under circumvention of the rules of the German Football Association (DFB) at their expense. This is shown by secret Football Leaks documents that the “Spiegel” received and shared with the NDR and the research network EIC.

Resulta ng larawan para sa soccer

Nicolas Kühn, consultant, RB Leipzig and a deal


The pulling and tugging at young footballers is great. Football Leaks documents prove that counselors and clubs seem to transcend borders. An example of this is the case of Nicolas Kühn.


Top clubs knocked on

Today’s 18-year-old Nicolas Kühn has been playing for Ajax Amsterdam since this season, in the assault of the second team. His career stalled on the way to the Bundesliga, while the von Havertz straightway led to the national team. The scouts were at the “Millennium Kid”, as he was baptized because of his birthday on January 1, 2000 from the boulevard, as well as every day on the mat, as he after stations in Wunstorf and FC St. Pauli again in the youth of Hannover 96 kicked. Bayern Munich, Bayer Leverkusen, Hamburger SV knocked on, wanted to bring the hopeful striker to himself.

Father Kühn: “The milieu has its own way”

“Of course, there were always people who spoke to you,” says Yvo Kühn. Why should not they help the father of the Goalgetters with help and advice? Per se, nothing is reprehensible. As long as the consultants do not want to earn money with a minor. Because that prohibit the DFB rules. But with Nicolas Kühn it was obviously no problem to avoid the ban. “The milieu has its own way of addressing,” says Kühn senior.


Rettig: “With the dreams is made nonsense”


Attitude and morality are among the favorite topics of Andreas Rettig. St. Pauli’s CEO on the Football Leaks revelations, how to deal with junior footballers and dispute over the supplier. Video (12:32 min)

It seemed a bit weird to him, that “suddenly there is someone who has not even invited”. If he wanted an advisor for his son, he would have wanted to take care of it himself. “It’s absurd for a club to hire a consultant, or you can say it more wickedly.” Nice they were, however, sensitive and insinuating. “In a way, pleasant.” Andreas Rettig understands the needs of the parents. “They are overwhelmed when they are confronted with it for the first time,” says the managing director of FC St. Pauli and recommends to seek the advice of a lawyer. Coming directly from a carnival party to the Sportclub studio in a clown costume, the Rhinelander adds in a serious and unvarnished way: “Nonsense is made with dreams.”

Consultant with proximity to RB Leipzig

That the people of the agency “Spielerrat” had a certain closeness to RB Leipzig and its sports director Ralf Rangnick, Yvo Kühn probably noticed. And he also realized that “the adviser has his own interests and does not represent those of the player.” How the deal ended is explained by confidential mails and other documents from the Football Leaks fund.


Football Leaks – Business with the kids


With minors may be earned in football no money. This is stated by FIFA and DFB rules. The reality looks obviously different. The document Football Leaks documents. Video (30:00 min)

Because Nicolas Kühn was still a minor then other ways were found to make a lucrative business despite the clear DFB rules from the move to Saxony. The separated parents, but above all Mother Sabine, at the time Nicolas lived at the time, judged the agency as obviously unaware. An internal email states that one “does not believe that Nic and his mother will be able to make a sensible and ‘right’ decision.” A compliant family?

Wages for fictional work?

The arguments for a change to Leipzig were formulated against this background. First, the strategy was to lure the mother with a job offer. The pay for apparently fictitious work should pay RB Leipzig. “… we call it ‘back school’ …”, it says in a confidential mail to the mother. And: The apparent offer amounted to 25,000 euros per year, for which they should make regular bills. In fact, the then 15-year-old moved to Leipzig and succeeded in the youth national teams. And “Spielerrat” should cash for the mediation – despite the ban on the association.


Resulta ng larawan para sa soccer

In the Football Leaks documents there is a signed by RB Leipzig fee agreement. Under the point “pay” it says: “150,000 euros flow when Nic plays with 17 years in the first team.” How the other 20,000 euros should be paid, describes an internal mail: “The 20k we ‘somehow & somewhere’ get ‘means that we RB honored us in an upcoming transfer for the (not) work done.” Club and “players council” deny such a trickery. And about the contracts: no comment. “Payments or other benefits in transfers of underage football players we have never received,” said the agency. At RB Leipzig it sounds similar: “We would like to emphasize that there was no payment or other services to the player brokerage agency ‘Spielerrat’ (or another player brokerage company) at any time in connection with the change of player by Nicolas Kühn.” Rettig: “The fact that our advisors receive money for such services at FC St. Pauli is out of the question.”

Powerless: “DFB is not the FBI”

And what does the German Football Association say? “The DFB is not sitting at the table when an association talks to players about contracts,” says Markus Hirte. For two years he has been head of talent development. The association was the hands tied, he lacked the legal means. “The DFB is just not the FBI and the federal police,” he says. So there is a rule for the protection of minor players whose compliance can not be controlled. The former Bundesliga professional Armin Kraaz, who heads the junior performance center of Eintracht Frankfurt today, draws a gloomy picture: “I do not think we have reached the end of the flagpole at some point it will also tackle the eleven and twelve year olds.”


The Werder-Weg is stonyer than imagined | NDR.de – Sports – Football

Resulta ng larawan para sa soccer

Defensive stability is missing, offense stutters


Sahin: “We are still developing”


Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt is required for the first time in his good one-year term as a crisis manager. “It is important that we stay with us anyway, we are still in good shape,” the coach said, looking for seventh place . At the same time, however, he admitted: “The international break is good for us now.” Kohfeldt will have to work on several problem areas over the next two weeks. The Bremen have mainly lost their defensive stability and can austerntern too easily. In addition, the top-class offensive stutters. “We make too few goals and catch ourselves to easy goals, individual mistakes decide the games, for me there is no dramatic drop in performance as a team,” summed up Kohfeldt the situation.

Kohfeldt: “Do not go crazy now”

However, it can not be overlooked that Werder’s best player, Max Kruse, is currently in a performance low. On good days is the 30-year-old clock, scorer and thus the heart of the Bremen offensive. But at last he could not retrieve his potential. No reason for Kohfeldt to criticize his star player: “I will not tie his defeat to him,” said the coach, who at the same time stifled discussions of Kruse’s alleged fitness deficits: “I’ll stand by Max at 1,000 percent, we’ll get that together again. “

Kohfeldt holds nothing of actionism. “We’re not allowed to go crazy and stay with us.” “It would be absolute humbug training or the like.” The young coach wants to work peacefully to find Werder back on the road to success.